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Truth be told; Stanford/ Future Roommate

Stroodle 1 / 1  
Dec 31, 2012   #1
"Virtually all of Stanford's undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate - and us - know you better." 250 words+, less than 2k characters

I'm terrible at writing about my personality and from what I've seen this was one of the more casual essays, so I went with an unconventional approach. My other essays for Stanford are all very dry and serious, but I want to make sure this isn't going too far. Let me know what you think.


Dear future roommate,
First of all, congratulations on also being admitted to Stanford! I figure if we're going to be roommates for the next year, I ought to tell you about myself. Things might make more sense if I start with some back story.

Truth be told, I'm not completely new to dorming - after I finished elementary school, I was invited to an English boarding school because I had some special qualification. The set up was odd - they had these four sections that they sorted everyone into. I was in one for the studious people, which made a lot of sense. Anyhow, the school had kind of an odd dress code, and their curriculum was very different from most middle schools - which is probably why I've always been interested in taking the unique classes at my high school. I remember I got to take lab chemistry when I was sixth grader, which really helped foster my interest in math and science.

At first I thought it was just because the school was British, but after a while their "unconventional" curriculum got to be a bit too much. The botany and history was pretty interesting, but after "Charms" turned out to have nothing to do with arts and crafts, it became pretty apparent I was falling behind in math and reading compared to my peers and I left the school at the end of the year. It was still a very interesting experience though, and it really opened my eyes to be willing to try new things, and I've always tried to take that lesson with me. I also got introduced to some offbeat English fashions, like wearing robes or keeping frogs as pets (although knowing about frogs was useful when I worked at a scout camp).

I guess this might seem irrelevant to you, but what I'm getting at is that if you need to get something quickly or you lose your key, just let me know because I know magic.

Also, I want to avoid word getting around so I don't have dozens of people asking for favors. Besides, imagine what the school would think.

Your future roommate, ****************
503dannyk 8 / 25 1  
Dec 31, 2012   #2
It's funny, definitely an unconventional approach and though it was entertaining, I don't think it told enough about you. You described most of who you are as student at that school. The ending is great though, I laughed.

Look at mine if you can.
OP Stroodle 1 / 1  
Dec 31, 2012   #3
Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback
dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
Jan 1, 2013   #4
Things might make more sense if I start with some back story

... back story? what do you mean?

I don't think it told enough about you

I too agree... You are more likely to establish a more informal and personal relationship with your roommate. So what matters to him more is knowing about you as a person. So tell him more about you. That would make this essay more interesting too :)

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