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Tulane University - why Tulane - it will allow me to flourish and make an impact in New Orleans

olivia1234 1 / -  
Nov 14, 2020   #1

Please describe why you are interested in attending Tulane University (optional).

50-800 words

I say highway, while my dad says motorway. I drink coffee, while my dad drinks tea. Growing up as a dual citizen of the United States and the United Kingdom, I was exposed to a broader view of the world. My sense of curiosity about other cultures opened my eyes to the field of international relations, which I hope to study at Tulane University.

The Department of Political Science will allow me to deepen my knowledge in international relations and to take classes like Migration and Racism with professor Raymond Taras. As President of a group at my high school called Students for Refugees, which works to protect refugees' rights, I hope to learn more about immigration and the effects it has on countries and cultures and learn how to advocate for the rights of the vulnerable.

The climate crisis is one of the most urgent issues facing my generation and I look forward to researching how the environment factors into creating governmental policies by taking Environmental Politics and Policy with professor Mirya Holman. I hope to apply what I learn in these classes to my life and bring awareness to others by joining the Trash to Treasure club where I can educate students on reusing and recycling products.

I plan to take French as my required language and study abroad in Paris at Sciences Po-Paris as an exchange student. Studying with a multidisciplinary focus in a foreign country will allow me to apply my skills and knowledge in political science. Later I hope to get an internship through Tulane Connect and talk to alumni about their industries and careers that I can pursue through International Relations. Connecting with alumni will also allow me to start building connections in my chosen industry.

Outside the classroom, I plan to join Tulane's Organization for Global Affairs (TOGA) and participate in the Model United Nations. By working closely with other students who want to tackle international issues, I will gain a global perspective by speaking to others who represent members of international communities.

I plan to transfer my skills and experience from AP Photography to The Crescent Magazine. As an activist, I hope to capture images of vulnerable communities' lives with my camera and share them with the publication and Tulane students. As the President of Students For Refugees at my high school, I want to continue my work by starting a similar club for Tulane, where I will work closely with local refugee resettlement agencies around New Orleans. Through the use of postcard writing campaigns, rallies, and fundraisers, I will continue to raise awareness in and beyond campus talking about the growing refugee crisis. As I previously worked closely with refugee families through my volunteer work, I plan to continue this work by helping new families in New Orleans to help them succeed in their new community and meet their basic needs.

I want to spend the next four years in an educational environment that encourages being service-minded and curious about the world. With clubs and classes that cater to my career and personal ambitions, Tulane will allow me to flourish and make an impact in New Orleans.

Hi! I would love any feedback on my essay to make sure it's ready to submit. Thank you!

Holt [Contributor] - / 9,735 3072  
Nov 14, 2020   #2
When applying to colleges, it is better to never mention any professors names, just the classes you plan to take. Unless you expect to get a letter of recommendation from that specific professor, it is always best to remain neutral in your choice of professors. In case you end up in the class, with a different professor (should that be the case). Your activism is already strongly implied in the overall presentation, there is no need to mention that word specifically. Try to still be politically correct and less sensational by not using any trigger words in your essay. Just keep it represented, but not spoken. It works better that way for your application.

The portion about your plan to help refugees in New Orleans does not directly relate to your choice of university. Do not include that reference in the essay as it is really irrelevant to the choice of university. While I admire your activism, you may want to tone it down just a tad. Just to show that you are there to learn more than to advocate for personal causes. Sometimes the two get blurred in your discussion.

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