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UCF Application essay - "You're supposed to get good grades"

andrea0999 2 / 3  
Sep 24, 2012   #1
2. How has your family history, culture or environment influenced who you are?
3. Why did you choose to apply to UCF?

both topics are to be incorporated into one essay
thanks for all your help guys!

"You're supposed to get good grades," my mother would always tell me; I always complained how I never got rewarded for my A's, my friends were simply showered. I come from a Hispanic background, El Salvador to be exact. For my family, who were immigrants, it was very hard for them to come to a new country not knowing the language, and relearning things the American way. But they all succeeded, my mother is now a RN, and her sister a lawyer. I, as a citizen born in this county I have it much easier. Because of this, my environment and the manner I was raised, I am always expected to do my best in everything I want to accomplish. This has influenced who I am today. I was raised to be a hard worker and to know what I want out of life, therefore I will do what I need in order to succeed. This has made me a strong young woman. Because of my environment, I strongly believe in the saying, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

My goal in life is to become a doctor and help children and families in third world countries with my profession, I strive to accomplish my goal because of what my family went through, I want to help make living easier for others. I will achieve this goal with absolute academic integrity. I will also be a responsible, not only with my time but as a student and citizen. I have vowed to study hard in order to succeed, not only for me but for the families that need my education and skills, which I will proudly acquire at UCF.

I chose to apply to UCF because it has always been my first choice, it was my dream school. To this day I picture myself in Orlando, studying hard and declaring myself a Knight. When it was time to apply I had to have other universities in mind as a backup, and so I had specific requirements in mind. It had to be a place that not only provides me with the tools to succeed academically, but also a place where I can feel like I am part of a family. Nothing compared to UCF. I strongly believe that UCF exceeds these requirements and is superior to any other school. As a bonus, UCF was also founded as a non-segregated university which symbolizes its respect for unity. It also displays its desire to give each student an equal opportunity from the start, which will not only allow others to explore their options but allow me to learn new things from others while pursuing a degree in Pre-Med. The UCF campus simply tops it off, it is student friendly, and contains everything in a 15 minute walking distance from any spot on school grounds. UCF is for me.

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