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Why UChicago?-Endless Opportunity

ShadoPoig 11 / 36  
Jan 3, 2011   #1
Critiques please! I'll try my best to reciprocate with the same thoroughness you provide me!

My eyes open slowly and calmly. As my senses come to life in the morning, the first thing I smell is opportunity. The second is leftover pizza from last night's House meeting. Shadows of sharp spires stretch across my room in Broadview Hall. When I freshen up and head to the Searle Chemistry Lab to continue my research on proton exchange membranes, I meet my professor of complex materials on the way. Animatedly, he tells me about all of the opportunities I'd have in developing fuel cell technology at Argonne Labs, he highly recommends that I attend the weekly chemistry colloquium next Monday as a part of Explorations in Chemistry. At UChicago, though, I have the opportunity to delve deep in any field, such as the philosophical connection between Alexis de Tocqueville and Karl Marx (which I discussed with my friend, Sean, on page 25 of The Life of the Mind!). Since I intend to play a part in pioneering an era of accessible and affordable alternative energy, I'm seek an education in economics and business as well as the natural sciences. UChicago's Careers in Business program has sent me next-door to the Windy City for internships and as far away as Beijing for a first-hand experience with industrialization. When I've gained sufficient understanding of business, I can audit graduate courses on-campus at the renowned Booth School.

Evidently, UChicago has been providing me with everything I'd need to satiate my academic appetite. Still, it pervades my life in every other way. I've become subconsciously accustomed to walking around the seal in the Reynolds Club. On Wednesdays, I wake up excited and ready to get my hands on a delicious $1 milkshake. I walk around campus everyday with eyes and ears peeled for anything that would make an interesting article for my Chicago Maroon column. Some of my nights are spent with a throng of housemates, others in the Broadview music room, where I can get lost in solitude save for the music that accompany me. The countless doors that UChicago opens for me have led me to the Culinary Club and Off-Off Campus. The day-to-day life, full of opportunity and new experiences, is exactly what I had hoped for. At the University of Chicago, it's become a reality.

bbish520 8 / 30  
Jan 3, 2011   #2
Wow! I love how you imagine yourself as one of the students there! Impressive essay!

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Anonymoussenior 17 / 133  
Jan 3, 2011   #3
Since I intend to play a part in pioneering an era of accessible and affordable alternative energy, I'm seeking an education in economics

save for the music that accompanies me

At the University of Chicago, it has become a reality

good job I really like your essay and how you invisioned youself as a student. Please read my Honesty is the best policy U Chicago essay.

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