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UGRAD. Learning through sharing experience and knowledge with other individual, group and community

Mehraz Hossain 1 / 2  
Dec 24, 2016   #1
Why you would be a great participant in global UGRAD

Any suggestions is welcome. Thanks in advance.

the turning point

According to my belief the best and sustainable way of enhancing knowledge,skill and ability is "learning through sharing experience and knowledge with other individual,group and community". There are a lot of things to learn from others, especially from those with more life experience. This is the first and main factor to me for which I would be a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program as this program is the platform for exchanging experience, knowledge, culture, heritage and values. This process of learning will help me to build up my knowledge, experience and capability. As a youth of Bangladesh, I want to contribute to my country's development focusing on children education and eradication of chronic poverty. Thus I choose to study social science and took major in sociology.To make my interest useful I can't only stick to my own society, culture or sub-cultures and can't be curious only about what's going on around me. So Global UGARD is my opportunity to know different people from different cultural background, gathering knowledge and experience from different individual and understanding the cultural content of America which is the pioneer country for development.

Global UGRAD Program will make the space for gathering more knowledge about my study field. There are more than 2000 quality universities and colleges in America where I can enhance my skill and knowledge together. Definitely American education system and teaching method is different and even developed than Bangladesh's education system, so I will have the opportunity to experience new education system and teaching method through this program. Maintaining good relations with professors and class mates is always very helpful. So meeting new faculty members and class mates from different cultural background through this program will play a strong roll for the development of my knowledge and learning techniques.

I always try to contribute my nation through some community services,extracurricular activities and volunteering activities which help me to learn working with people of different ages,genders and social status.I work as a member of OBHIZATRIK Foundation,Youth Against Hunger, Badhon(Blood collection organization),Universal peace Federation, Youth Club of Bangladesh,Sadon Sarker Foundation etc. as the part of community services but so far I think this is not enough effort to serve my community and fulfill my area of interest.For that I need more knowledge, good skill and experience. Global UGRAD Program will be a great chance for me to bring fresh ideas, new thoughts and to help me invest a help to develop my country as well as the world and the development of mankind.

In my university I am a member of sociology club, Debate Club, English Language club, Career Club, Jnu tourist society and Cultural club but it seems not enough satisfactory to me.I want to participate in more club or student organization which will let me do more extracurricular activities and will enhance my skill and knowledge. Unfortunately the opportunities in my university is very limited. So Global UGRAD Program is the podium for me to exercise new activities, doing community service, joining various clubs and student organization, gaining new talents and most significantly ensuring my participation in various extracurricular activities.

Global UGRAD Program will let me share cultural and traditional concept and background of my country. By Sharing the perception and culture of my society as well mine, will contribute to the exchange program and will let other individual clearly know about my country which will be a proud instance for me,my family and country.

In a word Global UGRAD Program will be the turning point of my life and will make me a great participant in the Global UGRAD Program.

Holt - / 7,528 2001  
Dec 24, 2016   #2
Mehraz, the Global UGRAD program is a give and take type of learning environment. It is an open method of exchanging and understanding international cultural values and learning from one another both within and beyond the academic setting. This is a shared experience that expects each participant to learn from those with him in the program. In other words, this is all about building international friendship and connections. They help you, you help them. But your essay does not display any of those values or expectations. Your essay is very selfish in content. It is just all about what you can get, learn, and achieve through the program. You do not say anything about how you hope to help people understand your culture and get to know about India through their interaction with you. This is a two way street of learning, but you are presenting only a one way alley where only you benefit from the program. Try to open your discussion to how you can help others benefit from the program as well. Balance the discussion in a give and take sort of manner. Don't be all about "me, myself, and I" in the essay. That does not make you an effective UGRAD participant.
OP Mehraz Hossain 1 / 2  
Dec 24, 2016   #3
Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it. But I mentioned it later in my essay they way I wiill be an asset for this program. It's also very hard to add something more because am only allowed to write 600 words. Anyway so according to u it's not a worse essay at all. But can u explain a bit more ? I mean should I rewrite it or I need to add something with it?
Holt - / 7,528 2001  
Dec 24, 2016   #4
You need to revise the essay in order to balance what you can offer the essay in terms of being a student, mentor, and participant in the program along with what you expect to learn, achieve, and take away from your participation in the program. You should be able to clearly indicate that you have something unique and helpful to the program stemming from your background as an Indian along with what you expect to learn from your classmates, who will be coming from all over the world as well. How many words do you have left to work with on the essay? If it will be difficult for you to revise the essay to make it more balanced, then you won't have any choice except to revise or write a new essay.
OP Mehraz Hossain 1 / 2  
Dec 24, 2016   #5
It's already 600 words. Ok maybe I can revise it. If I can't will write a new one.It will be so helpful for me if u point or say some good things about it. This feedback of yours making me disappointed, please don't mind. And it's Bangladesh not India .

Thanks a lot for your advice.
Holt - / 7,528 2001  
Dec 24, 2016   #6
Here is a tip about how you can better write this paper. Read up on how the other UGRAD applicants at this forum developed their essays. You can pick up some great tips about how you can improve your work and what information you should really present to the reviewer from analyzing the work and advice given to others here. It will definitely help you adjust the content of your essay towards becoming a more relevant and effective application essay for the scholarship abroad.

Mehraz, my apologies for confusing Bangladesh with India. My apologies also for making you feel bad with my review. That was not my intention. I was only trying to deliver an honest and helpful review of your work. My main concern is always making sure that the student, not necessarily you, will understand what is wrong with the paper and how it can be fixed.

I will definitely praise your work whenever I see a portion in the revision that calls for such action on my part. I am not stingy when it comes to praises. I always praise the students when they have delivered properly on the paper. At the moment though, the essay doesn't deliver properly in terms of the prompt requirements so it will be hard to give you praise at this point. Once you get it right, I will heap all the praises that I can on your work. I assure you of that.

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