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UMD Create Your Own Topic-How has your environment affected the way you have grown?

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Oct 21, 2012   #1
I am in desperate need of help because I feel like this essay is really weak, but I have to constrain it to 300 words. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

How has your environment affected the way you have grown up?
Living in Brooklyn, it seemed everything was easily accessible and there were more activities to do. Denser population resulted in an increase of the diversity of culture as there was a greater variety of restaurants and people in schooling. In contrast, the suburban area of Warren, New Jersey is a quiet, secluded, and wealthy town. However, growing up in both of these societies has helped me appreciate the values that both of these areas offer and I would not be the person I am today without the experiences learned in each place.

Although Brooklyn was a bigger melting pot of culture and more active, the city was a dangerous place. As a young child my house got robbed and I had to be cautious walking around in public areas as there was a higher crime rate. This taught me to always to be cautious and be aware of my surroundings. I was immersed in greater amounts of different cultures in Brooklyn as there were Hispanic, Asian, and European styles evident in the city. These included restaurants and people that educated me in culture and helped me embrace my own. Warren is a safe town that has taught me the values of good academic work. The competition amongst the student body in Warren is greater and helps propelled me to work harder. I also learned the values of team work and rewards of being able to participate in school sports. However, places are inconvenient to get to as I must drive everywhere and prices for goods are higher.

Living in the two places I have a better understanding of where I want to be later in life. There are values that I appreciate in both urban and suburban areas. I yearn to migrate to an area where I can hopefully have a taste of both places.
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Nov 8, 2012   #2
Paraphrase it please for easy understanding

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