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UNC prompt: Stinsonitis

lowcal 12 / 27  
Dec 20, 2009   #1
Prompt: It's easy to identify with the hero--the literary or historical figure who saves the day. Have you ever identified with a figure who wasn't a hero--a villain or a scapegoat, a bench-warmer or a bit player? If so, tell us why this figure appealed to you--and if your opinion changed over time, tell us about that, too.

It has to be approx. 250 words

Call him egotistical or a Casanova, Barney Stinson fits the mold. Known for his conceited role in the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," Barney lives by his life philosophy of picking-up and dumping women, thus labeling him as a womanizer. After continuing to watch him persist for three years, I oddly came to admire Barney's approach on life.

Although I have no intentions of becoming a "womanizer," I did however learn through his routines that I should consider changing my life perspective. If someone described me in three words, without hesitation, he would reply with overanalyzing, meticulous, and to end in a lighter note, kind. I have the tendency in numerous situations to think ahead or look back and regret. Thus, I succeed in earning the title as "semi-party pooper." However, through observing Barney's nonchalance manner, I respect the risk he takes in digressing from living a systematic life to choosing to live life at full throttle. Gradually, I learned from him to take a less stringent outlook on life and to loosen up. Similar to Barney's theory of living with no regrets, I now bury most of my past situations and begin to dig up for what is to come. Although I continue to remain steadfast to my idiosyncrasies, I thank Barney for reminding me that life is ephemeral to continue to live by the rules. Now, I live by his few words, " You've been living your whole life in a seatbelt, its time to unclick."

and should there be a paragraph break anyway?
loveyelledno 5 / 16  
Dec 20, 2009   #2
I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to say on the first and second sentence of your second paragraph. For example:

"I did however learn through his routines on consider to make changes in my life." That may or may not have been intentional on your part. ;p


"If someone were asked to describe me in three words, without hesitation, he would reply with overanalyzing, meticulous, and to end in a lighter note, kind." Is the "he" you're referring to, Barney? (just to make sure)

Other than that, I enjoyed the whole concept, and the person you used. :)
OP lowcal 12 / 27  
Dec 21, 2009   #3
thanks so much for your help, really. do you think it answer the prompt well, is it well written?
ldh8504 8 / 16  
Dec 21, 2009   #4
good choice of topic, but can you be more precise about why you started admire him? It's kinda not clear..
OP lowcal 12 / 27  
Dec 21, 2009   #5
thank you so much for your feedback, i improved it a bit if you don't mind checking it out and commenting, grammar help would be great too.

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