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undergrad essay, Pratt is the best option for me

lorerainbow 1 / -  
Dec 26, 2008   #1
Why do you want to attend Pratt and what do you hope to accomplish from your education?

After looking into several schools I realized that Pratt is the best option for me, due to the fact that academically it has a lot of facilities and opportunities that would enhance my knowledge, not only as a professional but also as a human being. The first thing that called my attention was that according to the mission statement, Pratt looks forward to educate it is students not only to be creative but to be responsible contributors to society.

I think that especially fashion designers are persons that acquire the power to determine what would be bought, done, or used during a certain period of time. Every designer is at the base of any economic system, especially in a capitalist governmental structure where people are continuously consuming products and where there are cases that a social status is given according to clothing or products that people buy, so therefore I consider that is very important for every designer to keep in mind a sense of social responsibility in order to make designs not only fashionable and trendy but socially responsible in a way that every piece of clothing is design in order to improve society in any kind of way since the design, production, distribution and all other processes involved, avoiding common problems regarding the fashion industry such as sweat shops or the illegal manufacturing of products .

Fashion also becomes a cultural identity for any designer because it has been constructed in a different way and from a different perspective according to every country. I personally think that in some way this cultural label is part of each designer due to the fact that every designer becomes a part of this cultural legacy.

From my education I expect to become a person who can thrive in any environment as a good designer that is known not only for its ability to innovate or be creative but for being social responsible.

I think fashion design is not only a career but a way of living, an identity that a whole new perspective of the world, for me the perfect path to follow and Pratt the perfect place to pursue it.

EF_Sean 6 / 3,491  
Dec 26, 2008   #2
This essay suffers from numerous grammatical problems, but before you revise for grammar and style, I would advise rewriting the essay to discuss in more detail how exactly the decisions of a fashion designer can be socially responsible. You tend to be vague about how this works, and the few specific things you do mention, such as "sweat shops or the illegal manufacturing of products," seem, at first glance at least, to be more determined by business executives than by the fashion designers they employ. That said, the idea that fashion designers do have social responsibilities is not foolish, and could form a solid basis for this essay -- you just need to offer stronger examples that are explained in considerably more detail to back up your position.

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