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3 UNIQUE QUALITIES; Northwestern - Why/Unique Qualities

dwangus 3 / 15 1  
Mar 15, 2014   #1
Northwestern Statement: What are the unique qualities of Northwestern - and of the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying - that make you want to attend the University? In what ways do you hope to take advantage of the qualities you have identified? (250 words)

There are exactly three unique qualities of Northwestern that draw both my feet after gaze here. I believe that a quarter system allows for better immersion in material by focusing on fewer classes per quarter, while overall, finishing more courses each year and a breadth in education not possible almost anywhere else. This advantage further lends itself to completing multiple majors; I cannot understate how scarce the opportunity is to double major in Computer Science and Radio/TV/Film as a transfer student (even yet crossing respective specialized schools), and still think to consider graduating within three years. To me, Northwestern really is one of the select few, affording me the chance to challenge myself within the liberal arts setting I so desire. And I so desire the prospect of exploring one of the most comprehensive curriculum I have ever seen in any School of Communication, with courses like Technological Innovations, Film, Media and Gender, Experimental Media Production - a perfect example of how to blend theory and practice, taught by renowned faculty aiming to support visions of my own. I believe that, because of these qualities, because of regular internship and co-curricular opportunities like with Lionsgate, like with SFX Cinematography, because of a whirlwind of ideas and interests contained within the limitless scope of intersecting these two fields, I can enhance and experiment with a medium's capacities, expand and enrich the seventh art. It might be a stretch - but so is the drive from East Brunswick to Evanston. I would do it.
Naveed786 8 / 21 4  
Mar 16, 2014   #2
I am sorry to say but your essay is really not clear to me. I couldn't understand what exactly you were trying to mention. I would like to say below points for your help:

(1) You did not give a good opening introduction of your essay, like you mentioned there are three advantages but, I could not find after reading what advantages you are talking about?

(2) Your paragraphs are not clear, there was no coherence and cohesion, I could not follow the trail of your thoughts?
(3) There are many grammatical mistakes.
Wondergeek 1 / 1  
Mar 16, 2014   #3
Did you get it in? Just finished mine - I liked it
OP dwangus 3 / 15 1  
Mar 16, 2014   #4
No, I'm sorry, all your comments and revisions are wrong. You are the one that is convoluted and grammatically incorrect. As an international applicant from Saudi Arabia, please consider revising your own work before commenting and critiquing on others'.

You liked what?
And no, I didn't receive any acceptance or rejection letter because I'm a transfer applicant; our letters come much later in like April or May or even June.
Naveed786 8 / 21 4  
Mar 17, 2014   #5

I did not mean to criticize any body's work over here. Take my comments constructive rather than negative. I believe, we have to work mutually and help each other.

The points I mentioned for the essay, may not be correct 100% and the same I wrote in fourth line of my comments. However, would you take the opportunity to correct me from grammar point of view if I have convoluted. I am open for criticism that is why I have joined this forum to improve my writing skills and make friends who can help me to achieve it.

Honestly, I could not find the trail of thoughts and could not see the striking introduction.

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