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University of Michigan - Nursing essay

sb1092 2 / 2  
Oct 28, 2009   #1
Proofread please!
And have I answered the prompt completely?

School of Nursing: Describe why you want to be a nurse. Include your specific experiences and abilities related to health care that will make you a good candidate for the nursing profession. Also describe your understanding of nursing's role in health care and how you see yourself embodying these roles.

At precisely eight o'clock on a Saturday morning, I walked apprehensively through revolving doors to commence my first career-related volunteering experience. The silence outside was immediately replaced by stimulation throughout the bustling hallways, with doctors and nurses exchanging anxious looks and walking authoritatively from room to room. As I stepped out of the elevator on to the second floor, I found myself surprisingly compelled toward the distant wailing of the newborn babies in the nursery. I walked toward the source of noise and watched in awe as a nurse comforted a restless baby girl. Almost as if commanded, the infant's cries ceased and her eyes gently shut. Week after week, as I folded linens and assembled cribs, I observed the confidence, respect, and satisfaction that all nurses seemed to possess and perform their jobs with; my fascination with nursing amplified into a desired career.

The weeks transitioned into almost three years of assisting the Mother/Baby ward, when I realized that nursing is the ideal profession for me. Being the backbone of healthcare, nurses are credited with patience, outstanding communication skills, intelligence, and above all, teamwork. Their support in patient care and medical procedures keeps hospitals and medical practices operating. With the shortage of nurses expected in the future, Americans depend on a new generation of efficient and determined nurses to continue upholding their well-being.

After gaining sufficient experience working with various groups and teams, I believe I am a perfect fit into the new core of healthcare. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to receive the best care and devotion from committed nurses, which I hope to reciprocate to individuals with an impact as was bestowed upon me.

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Oct 30, 2009   #2
Nursing is associated with a philosophy of nurturing, but it is also very scientific. Nursing blends humanity with the science of medicine.

They want you to describe your understanding of the role of nursing. Much has been written about its dynamic role. I wonder if you could spend some time reflecting on that as you reflect on your volunteer experience.

They want you to tell why you are a good fit, but all you said was that you have experience with it. Do you have aptitudes and interests that are aligned with it, too?

You wrote very well in that first paragraph, but maybe it needs to be shortened to make room for more answers to their questions!

I think that maybe you should start a new paragraph with the sentence that begins, "Week after week..."

Good luck!! Nursing is a great choice.

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