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The University of San Diego fulfills my 'college wishlist' completely.

sbc6 2 / 3  
Nov 1, 2015   #1
Q: How does USD stand out among all of the other colleges to which you are applying

A: The University of San Diego stands out among all of the other colleges to which I am applying in that it fulfills my 'college wishlist' completely. Not only does USD wish to foster students at the personal and academic level, they prove it with such a comprehensive advisor program. If admitted, I will take full advantage of this program to remain organized. Then, the study abroad programs at USD are invaluable. Because I wish to be immersed in Spanish culture and language, USD's Madrid Center offers exactly that. Next, USD has a Division 1 women's soccer team. I've played club soccer since I was eight years old, and I hope to continue playing throughout college. Last, USD is green! Missions Cafe is absolutely amazing and inspiring. Working at Taco Bell, I see so much waste; I want it to change, and Missions Cafe proves it can be done.

* if anyone has any suggestions/edits I'd be happy to hear

hasbi 29 / 42 23  
Nov 2, 2015   #2
Hai sbc6...
the words "college wishlist" mean that why do you interest to study there,

so, in exception you mention several superiorities of USD like your writing,
firstly, you should give explanations related to your subjects.
like your subject is engineering education.
what the correlations between this and the USD.
secondly: please consider about why some people decide to choose it if necessary give data related to this fact.
thirdly, why USD related to your goals in the future. is USD very helpful for your career?

good luck
vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Nov 2, 2015   #3
SBC, the first question I will ask you is, what is the word count related to this prompt? The second question relates to the first, why are your answers so short and underdeveloped? Third, did it ever occur to you that giving summary answers to the question does not really offer a clear understanding of your reasons?

In my opinion, if you had a limited word count for this essay, you should have concentrated on presenting only your single or 2 most prominent, important, and strong reasons for opting to enroll at the University of San Diego. Giving the reviewer one sentence for a reason and one sentence for an explanation just leaves him with more questions than answers. So this significantly short statement might not work in your favor when you submit it.

If you have around 250 to 500 words allotted for this statement, then please expand upon your explanation for all your reasons. Make them one paragraph each and use 5 sentences at the very least to explain yourself. If you have only 150-300 words maximum, I suggest that you choose only one, two reasons at the most, to use as a significantly developed reasons for your interest in the school.

Somehow I feel like you should be able to mention what the contents of your wishlist for a college are. It seems to me that the list is an integral part of your response to the prompt. Is there any chance that you can do that?

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