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UPenn and MIT Short

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Dec 20, 2008   #1
Hi all. Two of the schools I am applying to are UPenn and MIT. I have a short answer essay for each that I have to complete, and I was hoping for some proofing on them. Thank you!

*Use the space below to name a Penn professor with whom you would like to study or conduct research and explain why. Please answer in the space provided.

I would highly be interested in working with Peter Fader in the Marketing Department. His focus on consumer behavioral patterns enables one to gain different perspectives on marketing a company's products. He reaches across a wide variety of business fields, from the music industry to e-commerce, appealing to me as one who pushes for an understanding of newer practices that stray from tradition. Because of my interest in combining fields together like digital media design and marketing, Professor Fader's work, integrating traditional practices and applying them to cutting-edge industries, is something I would like to study and learn from. As part of a generation that is surrounded by modernized technology, I can see myself participating in Wharton's Interactive Media Initiative, of which Professor Fader is working to broaden this endeavor as the Co-Director. His beliefs in addressing new media business with traditional and non-traditional conventions is an idea I would like to explore.

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*Although you may not yet know what you want to major in, which department or program at MIT appeals to you and why?

For me, the Department of Architecture at MIT speaks innovative and interdisciplinary practice. I am passionate about the arts, continually seeking new experiences and sources of creativity from which I may broaden my artistic abilities and push myself to think beyond normal conventions. Because architecture at MIT is noted for its collaboration and integration with other disciplines, focus on contemporary ideas, and adaptability to the rapidly modernizing society, I believe I can learn from these practices and further engage myself in art. I feel confident in receiving preparation for my future through the guidance of those within MIT's architecture department.

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