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USC- annenberg statment of intent for a Public Relations major

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Nov 24, 2012   #1
All applicants to Broadcast and Digital Journalism, Print and Digital Journalism, or Public Relations majors must submit a one-page Statement of Intent, explaining their reasons for pursuing an education and career in journalism or public relations.

My first visit to USC was with a club from my school. That day, I took a tour of the campus and one of the stops was in front of Annenberg. The tour guide, who also attends USC, told us about her friend, a current student at Annenberg, and how she has taken the opportunities to work for NBC, Fox, and various other well-known companies, an impressive resume for a 21 year-old. I had already fallen in love with the beauty of the campus, but at that moment I found her success story to be intriguing, inspirational, and most of all, exciting because I have always taken interest in all things concerning media and entertainment. Although I didn't decide at that moment that I wanted to be a Public Relations major, I knew Annenberg was where I wanted to be.

As I did more research on Annenberg, I became increasingly impressed in how the school is involved with all aspects of the media. If admitted, I plan to use everything USC has to offer, including the many student publications, to my advantage. I would like to get involved with Annenberg's TV and radio news as well as Impact, whilst pursuing my B.A. Another way I would like to get involved is by being a part of the Annenberg Latino Student Association because I would meet people like me with similar interests and again, it would provide me the opportunities learn more about public relations.

My ultimate goal is to be a PR manager, but I know things do not always turn out as planned. However I am certain I will use my time at USC to find my path, and since USC is so diverse and has much to offer I am confident that it won't be difficult to find that path. And because of its location and its reputation; USC allows for a uniquely situated potential for me to study and integrate myself in the media community through the well-connected and well-versed professors, as well as the school's networking ability, like the Trojan family, that can get me access to a multitude of opportunities, people, and internships that I would not have otherwise.

help, improvements, thoughts? any feedback is appreciated!
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Nov 24, 2012   #2
The essay does a good job of talking about how you will use all of USC's resources to pursue your degree, but not why you want to pursue a degree in Public Relations, so you haven't really answered the question yet. I feel like this essay would be good for the short answer prompt for USC, about your academic interests and how you would pursue them at USC, but not this prompt. Elaborate on what made you decide on Public Relations, not what made you decide on USC.

Good luck, and could you help me with mine? :)

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