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UVA quirks essay: my bed

Kirby 1 / 3  
Oct 26, 2014   #1
"Describe one of your quirks and how it is important to you" word limit: approximately 250
This is a rough draft please correct any grammar or any awkward sentences, feel free to revise it!

"Time for bed!", my mother calls from the living room. Fine...I think as I get up to go brush my teeth, wash my face, and comb my hair. These are tasks that everyone does before bed, but there is one task I certainly cannot go to bed without doing- I have to make sure my blankets are in perfect order.

First things first, there must be at least three things on my bed in order for me to sleep- one sheet, my heated blanket, and one comforter (there must be two during the winter). Once those are in order, I have to make sure they all are neatly tucked into the space between the wall and my bed. Finally, there must be a blanket and a pillow also filling in the empty space between the bed and the wall.

This nightly routine drives my mom crazy as it can take upwards of five minutes, but it is something I have to do before bed. There is something therapeutic for me to be able to curl up underneath a gargantuan mound of soft, warm blankets, adjusted precisely to my liking. I can do anything from writing a daunting English paper, to completing one-hundred Algebra problems in 20 minutes under the mound of sheets that envelop the entirety of my bed.

So next year when it is move in week, you will see me carrying two boxes stuffed to the brim with blankets so I can have my own piece of comfort with me.
restinpizza 7 / 15  
Oct 26, 2014   #2
Hi! Personally, I feel like you could have picked a better topic for this because writing an admission essay about how you sleep doesn't really add anything to your application. Also, I feel like if you did proceed with this topic, you didn't really explain why this quirk of yours is important to you, like it was mentioned in the prompt.

Good Luck!
OP Kirby 1 / 3  
Oct 26, 2014   #3
I agree, thanks for that ado cue I've actually chosen a second topic that I feel is much better!

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