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'I have visited Iran multiple times' - GEORGIA TECH APPLICATION

pouriah 2 / 2  
Sep 28, 2011   #1
Please read and correct, thank you!

2) Tell us about the neighborhood that you grew up in and how it helped shape you into the kind of person you are today.

Describing the place I grew up in is possibly the best way to describe me. I grew up playing on the streets in the heart of one of Iran's largest and most historic cities, Esfahan. The people and culture around children often have the largest influence on their lives. I lived in an Islamic republic half way across the world for the majority of my life, but I moved the United States with my parents and my sister just over six years ago. This cultural dichotomy between an agriculturally based Islamic nation with a nearly two thousand year history and culture, and a brand new, industry based, multicultural country is what makes me unique.

I have visited Iran multiple times during my life in the United States, keeping my memories vivid in my mind. Iran is the opposite of the United States in almost every way. Whether it is politics, culture, or history, for better or for worse, the two are inherently different. Where I grew up, respect is of utmost importance. From standing when an elder walks in or out of a room, to greeting everyone in the room with a handshake and three kisses on the check when you first enter, there are certain rules of respect that everyone must follow.

Along with the culture, the education system is also different from that of the U.S. In Iran it is considered classy and chic to be smart, and in fact the most popular kids in school are often the smartest ones. This allows educational success to be encouraged not just by faculty and staff, but by peers as well. One bittersweet difference is that in Iran all major universities are public and government funded, meaning with the exception of taxes, books, and other small fees, school is free - if you are accepted, that is. This fact, along with the general desire to follow education, creates tremendous competition between students, providing them with even more incentives to work hard in school.

On the flip side, living in the United States has influenced me as well. Living and experiencing the conditions in which people in third world countries live, as compared to the United States, has given me a special perspective that most students my age do not have. It has allowed me to mature, and has helped me see the world in a different way. It was not until I visited Iran this past summer that I truly began to see how lucky I am and how wonderful my parents are for sacrificing so much in my name.

Living in both Iran and the United States has had a great impact on me. My experiences in these two opposite spectrums of the world have allowed me to be the best I can be by improving myself, building my personality, and basing my decisions on the lessons I have learned. These experiences have helped me become the respectful, hard-working, mature man I am today. I hope that Georgia Tech will allow me to share similar experiences with them, giving me the opportunity to take the next big step to adulthood. I also hope that, in my time at Tech, the school and I can work together to bring out the best in each other as I do my part in making the school a better place and Georgia Tech helps me continue to improve the person that I have become.

I am truly grateful for every opportunity given to me, and I plan on doing anything and everything in my power to seize those opportunities to their full potential in order to fulfill my parents' dream for me. I long for the day when I can successfully stand on my own two feet, the day when my parents see the fruit of their labor and the reward of their sacrifices. That is the day when all of my hard work and dedication will be paid in in full. I am optimistic that Georgia Tech will assist me in making all of my dreams come true.
richard35568 6 / 14  
Sep 29, 2011   #2
'... and other small fees, school is free - if you are accepted, that is. '
I don't realy understand that.
Asmita_ 3 / 6  
Sep 29, 2011   #3
"..that many students of my age"

"to mature and has helped me to see"

good luck

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