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Waitlist letter to washington university st.louis

heyyy 1 / -  
Apr 15, 2010   #1
Office of Undergraduate Admissions,
Thank you for the opportunity offered me, to be on your College's Waiting List. Although I am a little disappointed, I am honored that your school will continue to consider my application for its excellent academic program. I also understand that other equally qualified students have been offered the same position as me.

Washington University, St.Louis has always been my dream school. As an aspiring premed student, attending a school that caters to my interests, structures itself around people like me and would help nurture my talents is of utmost importance to me and I am so glad that Washington University provides all these.

When I began to research colleges, I thought that I wouldn't find any college that fits me perfectly, but as I intensified my search, I realized that I could find a school that fits me almost perfectly. Washington University I believe is almost perfect for me. Throughout the course of secondary school, I have always tried to be determined, passionate and open-minded about everything I ventured into. I was recently made my class valedictorian. However, finding people who have the same passion as me and believe in what I believe in has always been a major problem for me. Because of this, I always feel lost and misunderstood.

I know that at Washington University, I will find people who share my beliefs and are as driven and passionate as I am at achieving my goals. Recently I volunteered at the Vantaged Teens Centre because it has always been my dream to help my country people. I volunteered to help teenagers who had being infected with AIDS. These teenagers and I had a lot in common. Like me they have a hard time fitting in. However, they never let anything get in the way of their dreams. I also feel like I have served as an inspiration to these teenagers. I have helped to reinforce their hope that they can become whoever they want to be.

I got accepted into a lot of colleges that seemed like the perfect choices for anyone that wants to have an excellent education. These colleges however, are not the perfect choice for me. I want to go to a college where my voice will be heard and understood, where I am guaranteed ample opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others and an education that will empower me not only to succeed in my personal and professional life but also to make a positive impact on my country and the world in general. Washington University inspires me with its wonderful professors and driven academic environment and students. I strongly believe that attending your school is a step in the right direction.

Therefore, given the chance to attend your prestigious college will certainly be an opportunity that will not be wasted.
asokapalama 3 / 18  
Apr 15, 2010   #2
First you have to introduce yourself in this kind of letter. Then you can write why you select that university for your higher education. After that you can let them know what kind of course you would like to study. At the end you can ask them to select you for the course. I think you have to organize your writing.

srandhawa 10 / 157  
Apr 21, 2010   #3
you definitely want to introduce yourself here, also washu is big on interest, EFkevin nailed this, show something specific about why you want to go there, not just oh Washu fits me perfectly or " As an aspiring premed student, attending a school that caters to my interests, structures itself around people like me and would help nurture my talents is of utmost importance to me and I am so glad that Washington University provides all these". Thats more jargon than anything, i know you need some of this, but you can be way more specific w/ any particular washu programs that truely arent OFFERED ANYWHERE ELSE. Think about how many vague letters WASHU gets about interest in the school( and being that washu WLS ridiculous amounts of ppl, there are alot of them), that vague stuff wont do anything to get you on their rador which is what your looking for

Second off, you want to send this to your regional admissions officer, email the undergrad office or call them or look up if you can who that person is. Get the regional adcoms attention directly. Also, id call your adcom and try talking to them and reiterating pts on why you want to go and that you'll go if you get in.

Also, if you can get another rec or somebody of highest possible source in your school to contact your regional adcom and lobby for you, thats something you def. want to do.

one other thing, when you say youve gotten into several other schools, list them, no school will directly ever admit this, but they like stealing from other top schools, especially a place like WASHU who does all kinds of weird things in admission and who has done everything possible to maximize their ranking, it those college news rankings. WASHU would love nothing more than to steal from a duke, or a penn, or a uchicago, or some other prestigious school, btw, which school are you planning on going to right now, im guessing you have at least some decent options being a val?

Finally, just a bit of advice, realize the odds against you in general for getting off the WL, but especially for WASHU, WASHU is known for having huge waitlists, as in 10,000+, so your odds really are small, just the nature of it. And get on this now, because when they start looking at the waitlist May 1st, your name can be one of the first they look at and consider, you need all the attention you can get for a WL.

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