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Waldo is the honest determination; U CHICAGO - "SO, WHERE IS WALDO, REALLY?"

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Dec 29, 2012   #1

Essay Option 6: So where is Waldo, really?

Inspired by Robin Ye, AB'16.

Where indeed is Waldo? For decades, we have been searching for the little man in the red and white stripes but never do we stop and ponder on the idea of why we do so. Why are we so eager to scan the page for hours on end just to find Waldo hiding behind a hot dog stand, inside a bathroom stall, or even inside the cage of a zoo animal? We are so inevitably consumed in finding Waldo but we never search for the purpose as to why we do so.

The same applies to each and every one us. Most of us find ourselves seeking a certain something, investing all of our time and effort into one objective, and once the goal has been accomplished or the reward obtained, we feel satisfied and content. However, we find that most of our accomplishments are done without a purpose. We do so for the sake of winning or to simply make others proud without actually acknowledging the reasons behind the executed impressive actions. We always seek the achievement but we never look for the purpose.

When we look for Waldo we are only concerned about location, always asking ourselves where the mischievous cartoon will be hiding next. Our only motivation is to find where he is to advance further in the children's book. Continuing with the analogy, most of the time when it concerns our worldly matters, our only motivation is simply the motivation to finish. We live in a society that tells us to finish tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, as long as you receive something in return. When a student is asked to complete a homework assignment, most of them do so without question, finishing the assignment promptly, knowing that they will receive credit in exchange. In the workplace, an employee will carry out their duties because they acknowledge the fact that their employment is their means of living. However, we are all aware of the drones that surround us on a daily basis; the people who lack passion and gusto when getting tasks completed or taking on challenges, those that seem to be mentally programmed to simply endeavor to the finish line as quick as possible. If one is to lack honest ardor for whatever it is that they are trying to accomplish then the accomplishment is worthless for one's possession. We do, in fact, find Waldo, but it is barren in value knowing we did so without reason.

Now, we pose the question again, "Where is Waldo?" When one undertakes a challenge, strives to attain achievement, or drives to complete a task, and one does it with full acknowledgement of the purpose for doing so, then one has finally found Waldo. Waldo lies beneath the reason and intention behind every accomplishment. Waldo is the passion that one withholds to pursue the realization of their dreams. Waldo is the honest determination behind every moment of success. Once one has found the purpose to doing anything, one has truly found Waldo.
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Dec 29, 2012   #2
The same applies to each and every one us.

The same what? This sentence is unnecessary and vague.

Hmm, I think you're talking about self proclaimed purpose - I got that by your statement about realizing our dreams. But the essay itself is convoluted. It is extremely unclear what you are talking about in the beginning and only by the application of common theme and sense does the reader figure what you are really trying to say. I think towards the second half of the essay when you start to become more specific, through the example you provide and your last paragraph (kinda), is where you can find the actual thesis of what you're trying to say.
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Dec 29, 2012   #3
how do you suggest I make myself more clear?
c0smic - / 10 1  
Dec 29, 2012   #4
Honestly, try briefly rewriting this and see what happens. You're talking about society saying "do your homework" versus a kid saying "i want to do my homework, not only because I've been told to but also because it fulfills x purpose for me" right?

I'm applying to college too and I've totally been here. Just try to do it again and focus on being clear and precise in convincing your reader of your thesis.
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Dec 30, 2012   #5
ok thank you!

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