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"Watching the Ultimate Fighter" - Rough Draft UFC - need intro paragraph

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Mar 1, 2011   #1
Essay rough draft

Watching the Ultimate Fighter not only teaches you to effectively defend yourself

but how to succeed in life. The show is made up of two professional mixed martial artists

who are captains of two separate teams. They must physically and mentally mold a

champion by the end of the TV series. To become champion you not only need to be

talented but also have dedication, motivation, great work ethic; characteristics that cross

over to everyday life and becoming a success.

Sixteen UFC hopeful students of the sport are vying to become the Ultimate

Fighter champion with the help and advice from two UFC champions. Most of the

contestants are very raw in form of technique so what must be taught and polished up is

their ground game and standup. MMA is not a form of martial arts- it simply means that

Swift pg. 2

there are a mixture of different forms used. As a result, it can help cover the weaknesses

of some martial arts, and use multiple techniques from multiple disciplines. So, it can be

potent for self defense. One method taught is jujitsu, Jujitsu is a martial art which reflects

the movements of the attacker back upon him or her. It has been practiced in Japan since

the sixteenth century, although Jujitsu has its origins in Chinese martial arts. Jujitsu uses

a series of joint locks, small weaponry, and defensive tactics in combination with

conserved energy to neutralize an attacker.

The word "Jujitsu" means the practice of gentleness, and in addition to learning

the moves associated with Jujitsu, students also make changes in their characters. Jujitsu

is supposed to focus and calm the contestants making them better martial artists and more

importantly an overall more well rounded person. Jujitsu is not an aggressive form of

martial arts it is a defensive one. It teaches surrender, patience, respect, perseverance and

to never give up. Throughout life you never know what card you are going to be dealt. It

is how you deal with each and every situation effectively and positively that makes you

successful. Jujitsu is much like life in regards that every situation has a effective form of

Swift pg. 3

defense or decision which can turn that situation into a positive.

The Ultimate Fighter is not only a showcase of self defense skills but you have to

be able to physically endure vigorous training routines and workouts. Cardio, strength

and weight training along with ground wrestling are a few of the many forms of physical

activity done on the show. The two key components of a UFC champion would be great

strength and conditioning. Training eight hours a day in intervals would be a sample

standard training day for a UFC fighter. Waking up at 6am and going for a four to five

mile run and finishing it off with a strength full body weight and resistance session.

Once that morning interval is done the fighter will usually schedule a evening session of

grappling and sparring opponents for an additional two to three hours. UFC fighters train

methodically and religiously preparing for their next opponent. Every one of their

training sessions has a purpose which all lead up to that number one goal, victory.

Becoming a champion is hard work, dedication and love for whatever it is that you do

whether it be in the octagon or any aspect of life. If you wish to succeed you need to be

Swift pg. 4

focused, have goals and dedication to those goals. Every action should have a purpose, if

every one of your actions has a purpose the results will come.

By the end of the Ultimate fighter there are the two UFC coaches left and two

fighters left one of which will be champion and receive a one hundred thousand dollar

UFC contract fulfilling their dreams. All of their work and struggle up to that final

moment has prepared them mentally and physically for what they are about to face. Win

or lose they are stepping away from their experience on the show a totally different

human being. They have been through hell and back and persevered every obstacle

thrown at them, fear is no option. In life we are raised by two coaches, mother and

father. If brought up correctly and wise choices are made we get through grade school,

high school and develop our own goals and dreams. We take the path and complete the

steps down that path to one day reach our dreams, goals and aspirations. By the time you

reach that last and final step you have completed a million others which have prepared

you mentally physically and created confidence to succeed. It's not how hard you can hit

but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward to persevere and attain life

Swift pg. 5

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Mar 3, 2011   #2
You need to use commas in places like this:
...are the two UFC coaches left, and two fighters left, one of which will be champion and receive a one hundred thousand dollar UFC contract, fulfilling their dreams.

And here you have a run on sentence:
Jujitsu is not an aggressive form of martial arts it is a defensive one.
You should put a period after "arts."

For your intro paragraph, try to write a sentence that expresses the main idea of the essay, something great! Try to express your whole message in a single sentence, and use that sentence in the intro.

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