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Waterloo AIF Advice - What could I improve? Question about educational goals, interest in program...

pnksociety 1 / -  
Jan 13, 2021   #1

Thank you in advance to anyone who may answer this, any feedback would be appreciated!

Question 1:

Please tell us about your educational goals, your interest in your chosen program(s), and your reasons for applying to the University of Waterloo. If you have applied to more than one program please discuss your interest in each program (900 characters).

I'd love to attend the University of Waterloo because I admire its approach to my dream program. I want to pursue a career in both of my passions, so when I discovered Science and Business at Waterloo, I knew the university would lead me to a path of success. I am incredibly interested in the program as it emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary connections. I admire the program as I learn best in smaller environments and believe in community. I chose Waterloo because of its rich and remarkable learning environment and its reputation for creating well-rounded students. Waterloo is dedicated to developing students' intellectual and professional abilities, skills future students like me will benefit from. Waterloo's brilliant research institute will give me the best educational experience and the opportunity to collaborate with insightful students and world-class professors.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,194 3644  
Jan 14, 2021   #2
This is what they call a non-answer. At first glance, it appears that you are responding to the prompt. However, upon repeated reading, which the reviewer will do, the reality that you are not providing direct responses to the questions will become clearer to the reader. The first 2 sentences do not imply the true excitement behind your decision / academic goal. For example, you want to start up your own health laboratory after graduation that will specialize in pandemic testing and research. As such, your company will provide the testing and research services. So you will need to understand both science and business, in a merged manner. That is how you approach the educational goal question. What I gave you is an example, do not use that in your revised response because you will not know how to expand on it based on the requirements, since that is not the actual educational goal that you have. Talk about how you plan to tailor your curriculum to suit your professional ambition upon graduation with regards for your interest in the chosen programs and why Waterloo was the only choice for you because of these detailed learning needs.

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