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Waterloo AIF Form (Mathematics)

hanxuan 1 / -  
Feb 24, 2020   #1
Please help me edit the sections of the AIF down below. My major of intrest is actuary science and these are the sections that are required for the AIF form. Thank you very much.

anything else about yourself

In addition to the specific information requested in all of the AIF questions, please tell us anything else about yourself that you would like us to know when we review your application. Please make sure to complete all sections of the AIF before submitting this page. (900 character limit)

Over the recent academic years, I have achieved high grades in school, and I possesses exceptional mathematical knowledges. I am a hard-working student and I have self-studied AP Calculus and was able to earn a score of 5. This year, I am studying AP statistics and AP computer science as a preparation for university. Outside of the school, I am a well-rounded individual. I am self-disciplined and would always plan ahead of my schedule, and I would constantly challenge myself to overcome anything difficult. In hopes of achieving my dream to become an actuary, I would regard my admissions to your university as a great honor and as the principal stepping-stone to help me attain my educational goal. I strongly believe that with the excellence of your program and along with my capabilities, University of Waterloo will help me attain my destination as a successful actuary.
Angie62 1 / 2  
Feb 24, 2020   #2
Talk about setbacks you have had and obsticles you have overcome. Tell what you have done to overcome these problems and how they have changed you.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,217 4648  
Feb 25, 2020   #3
It is useless to discuss your academics in this part of the statement because you were given several chances to discuss this aspect of your background in other parts of the application form. Rather, you should use this part to discuss who you are beyond academics. When you said you were a well-rounded person, you came up with the topic for this statement. Give examples of why you believe you are a well-rounded student. Discuss your important or relevant after school activities. Community service or volunteer participation would be an excellent addition to this statement. Describe any activity that you undertake which will allow the reviewer to know more about you without considering your academic interests.

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