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(well-known pharmacy school) - this paragraph to improve

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Jan 31, 2012   #1
Hi, can you help me with this paragraph? I need to make it more clear... I am sure there are some grammar errors as well.

I would appreciate all the help!
Thanks in advance!!!

MCPHS is well-known pharmacy school that has long history and great reputation. I have always learned that connection is important and having lots of alumni with successful careers is certainly a plus for a young alumnus. I am sure of that many students at MCPHS have chosen the school because of its location. And, in my case, it is a one of the biggest reasons. MCPHS islocated in Longwood area where Harvard medical school and affiliated hospitals are. Not even that, MCPHS gives an opportunity for PharmD students to do their internship in Longwood area hospitals, which is amazing.Moreover, Boston is known as mecca of biotechnology.As a pharmacist, you can go into pharmaceutical industry and work with other scientists to develop new medications. Thus, I do believe that being in Boston and beinga MCPHS alumnus will give me lots of opportunities in both career and connection wise.

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