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Well rounded exposure - Why I'm interested in Georgia Tech?

varroyo79 6 / 10 1  
Jan 4, 2014   #1
Why are you interested in attending Georgia Tech and what do you hope to contribute to our community? (150 word limit) Help? I really hate 150 word essays. -___-

Georgia Tech not only has rigorous academic programs, but also plenty of labs and organizations for engineering students to further develop their skills. I would like to work in the Environmental Chemistry Lab and do research in areas like green infrastructures and water quality because I want to major in environmental engineering and focus on water contamination. Also, being a part of organizations such as Engineers Without Borders and Engineers for a Sustainable World would allow me to put the knowledge that I gain in practice by completing sustainable projects.

At Georgia Tech, I desire to also promote my love for music, Hispanic culture, and writing. I would serenade people with my guitar at Under the Couch, dance to salsa and bachata with the Salsa Club, and recite my recondite emotions with the Poetry Club. I hope to be an addition to the diverse community that Georgia Tech already has.
OP varroyo79 6 / 10 1  
Jan 4, 2014   #2
Just wondering, is it boring to read? Should I be more creative?
plee24 3 / 21 8  
Jan 5, 2014   #3
That'd be a good idea. Where did your interest in environmental engineering originate? Answering that question will give the adcom better insight to who you are as a person. You can even delete your first sentence to make room for that explanation. For example, in my supplements, when the colleges ask that question, I mention wanting to become a biomedical engineer because my brother has a long-term arthritis that affects his spine, and I would link the college's recent discoveries in orthopedic engineering and cartilage synthesis to make a connection between the school and myself. As for your case, Georgia Tech probably has a recent breakthrough with something in green engineering- you can talk about that.

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