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Writing about either philosophy or political parties, NEED HELP

chocoholic_jo 1 / -  
Oct 15, 2009   #1
I have an essay for a scholarship application due soon, but the only ideas I can come up with aren't the types of topics that really have concrete evidence to support my beliefs.

I'm trying to write an essay on a philosophical (or possibly political) issue that has had a significant impact on the world at some point in time. However, my thesis needs to be supported with concrete as well as persuasive evidence (as any good thesis should). This is my only problem. The only topics I can think of to write about are a quote from Will Durant's book "The Story of Philosphy" and Socrates' quote "Know thyself" or the divisiveness of our two-party system, and I've not been able to find anything NEAR concrete evidence to support my theses for these two subjects.

Can anyone help?? Even a new topic idea would be appreciated (The topic can be anything, but most preferably one about which thoughtul people could disagree).

EF_Stephen - / 264  
Oct 15, 2009   #2
This is just my own personal idea, but it fits with what you are trying to do.

The Southern Appalachian mountain culture is unique and discrete and is being destroyed every day. The people of the mountains have historically been blamed for their own problems, like poor housing, transportation problems, poor education, bad water, and so on. Those outside the region think literally that in America, anyone can pull one's self up by one's bootstraps and that poverty is a choice.

This attitude is reflected in our current national debate over government aid to the poor and the Republican attitude toward wealth. Republican administrations have consistently gutted EPA regulations so that coal mining and energy interests can exploit regions like Southern Appalachia, decimating culture and killing residents in the name of profit and free enterprise, the great American ideals. Where is the balance? Why is death acceptable in order to realize the American dream?

You don't have to use this, of course, but it might get you thinking about the specifics of a philosophy as opposed to general statements.

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