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Yale supplementary essay: Sociology and Library

wendyli328 1 / 2  
Dec 29, 2016   #1

Sociology and Library

Why do these areas appeal to you?

I'm intrigued by people. Hundreds of people roaming by me daily, hundreds of parallel little universes. I feel their truths, lies, and emotions. When I see stars, I don't marvel at the geometric perfections or the mathematical derivations, I wonder at the existence of humanity within the scope of science. I attempt to discover the raw forces that motivates everything, from momentous events in history to why my neighbor lied about having a cherry tree. I search for the origin, the birthplace of all motivations. My pursuit to discover the intricacies of humans brought me to the doorsteps of Sociology.

Why does Yale appeal to you?

I start my journey at the heart. The magnificent nave of Sterling library. In my search for knowledge, I'd get lost between the columns of books that tell the stories of an erudite eternity, an extension of the same story that Yale tells in its lecture halls. Each book is inked with memories, of worn corners and smears, remnants of the 3am nights awake, or the midnight trips to buttery with suite-mates. Here, time merge together. The generations before me left their invisible etchings. Tom Wolfe. Anderson Cooper. A trail of glory. I yearn to be part of Yale's story.
rnsnz18 10 / 33 4  
Dec 29, 2016   #2
I'd like to suggest something to your first essay, it is really good and pleasant to read, you have a special quality for writing. But maybe it would be good if you comment about some experiece you had or exposures that motivated you for sociology, not just talk about general things that you enjoy by watching the things around you, with your great imagination and excellent use of words you can create a stronger essay focusing in some experience.

For your second one, I think you can talk more about something of the things you read about yale's history, something more specific that match with your interests and something about yale that you will like to do there if admitted, I don't knowthe word limit but you really should focus on something about yale thay you want to be part of.

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