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Since a very young age, I have learned to be independent and make decisions on my own

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Dec 14, 2016   #1
Personal essay-Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful

Boarding school. That is my life in one sentence. I am been in boarding since I was in kindergarten before I could even learn how to wear socks properly. I can still recall the memory when my parents told me and my elder brother that we were going to boarding school. My brother was in grade two at that time and I was in kindergarten, both of us were excited not really knowing what a boarding school was. I was very enthusiastic because I got new toys and clothes. All I thought about was the playground and lots of chips and chocolates.

Being just a five-year-old, I would cry all the time, I didn't know how to do even the simplest things. But not having my mom around I learned to do things on my own. Since a very young age, I have learned to be independent and make decisions on my own as people will never be around to do it for me. Staying at a place with people of different age groups helped me learn things faster, like for instance, when I first went there, I wouldn't speak in English but only within a month I was able to converse in English as if it was my first language,staying in a particular place can have a huge influence. When I went home during my first vacation, I spoke to everyone in English as staying in school I forgot my native language! Sometimes, I think if I was at home I don't think I would have been able to become independent.

India is a vast country with a very diverse culture, if someone went to a different state it would feel like a whole different country as each state has its own culture and language. The students in my school were from different states,so there were differences but staying there with everyone, it helped me to learn to be non-judgemental and respect differences. As without differences, there isn't any learning.

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Dec 14, 2016   #2
Hey. I think you should give more examples of what you learnt in boarding school. That will add more weight to your essay.
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Dec 14, 2016   #3
Priyanka, when you speak of your background, it is best if you do not relate a story that took place before you even started formal schooling. It is important that your background shows a side of you that the reviewer can use to decide the kind of person that your upbringing has resulted in. However, boarding school at the age of 5 and your experience, during a time when you were too young to understand anything or be influenced by your surroundings is not the way to go with this essay. If you can change the age to something more relevant, the essay would work better. Speak of your academic background at the age of 12 or 15, those ages would work better because that would better help to explain the other aspects of your application essay responses. The age of 5 is not an age that the reviewer takes seriously in the sense of the lessons you may have learned or who you were at the time. We need a background story that will tie in better with your already existing responses. Do you think you can do that? It doesn't even have to be a background story, you could go with an identity realization story, or an interest in something that is not academic, or even a talent. Something that presents a part of your personality that doesn't add to your academic side. Think of your extra curricular hobbies, interests, and other non-academic related pursuits. That will best reflect a response to this essay.
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Dec 14, 2016   #4
@Holt Thank you for the suggestion.

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