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YSEALI is an opportunity to learn, experience and bring value to all others.

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May 18, 2016   #1
I believe you help me to comment this essay, i need it after 3 days

In 2011, when I was a student in the second year of university, I volunteered for working in a non-governmental organization with the expectation of improving working experience and English skills. I worked four sessions per week, at that time my job was a administrative tasks and projects help such as preparing documents and equipments before each activity. Gradually, I was involved in deeper activities, translated some document. Two years later, I graduated from university with a degree in economic. I was admitted to the official work after a few months. I worked as a project assistant of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development project. This project aim to create more jobs for local workers, help them settle on their own hometown through interference in the business owners. Because only when all the business enterprises have been successful in business development then many new jobs will be created, ensured the environment and maintained sustainable employments for workers. The local workers will be not away from home, family to earn a precarious living, their children will be better care. When see the daily changes, the workers worked in a more safe environment with a higher income, I really realized that I loved my job and I really had passion about bringing change to community. I also found this in YSEALI, the passion for community change through the young leaders.

Nearly five years of working in your organization, and participated in many training courses (we hold training courses for small and medium enterprises owners), I have the experience in holding teambuilding activities for business owners, mid-managers in companies and workers. Now again, I confident that I can communicate well, ability and confident as the organizer of the game to build team spirit, cohesion members of the team. At each job position, I always thought how can I do better and I am not afraid to face with new challenges. In YSEALI, I believe that this will be certainly a new experience and very exciting when I will locate the leading role of young Southeast Asia leaders in the collective action, the team-building games.

When implementing a project, we faced many difficulties: business owners did not understand the project meaning, still difficulties in creating a business network to support each other to develop. They are always afraid that the neighbors in the trade villages will copy their products and ideas. In other segments of the project, the farmers want to produce agricultural products with high economic value but they are not ready to shake hands with others, not ready to co-invest, expand, learn new techniques so often squeezed a price every harvest season. Though we are still promoting through training, group advising, public announcement, study trip, etc but it are still a matter . YSEALI is where I and the young leaders in the same concerns as will find the answer. I think this is an opportunity to bring the experiences of many others in many different countries to the enterprise and the Vietnam business owners and community.

YSEALI is an opportunity to learn, experience and bring value to all others. I think I will not have much time in my life. I sure this is where I will find the answer to some questions I have been constantly thinking at work. There is no other way faster than to learn through the experience of others. When writing this essay, I know I am much more confident and confident with the English as well, thank YSEALI.

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May 18, 2016   #2
Hi Tran, first of all, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Family, may this website bring you answers to your queries and guide you to discovering better techniques in answering prompts. We aim at providing you with the most accurate response as well as reviews to your essays and general writing reference.

Moreover, may this website teach you the value of using and exercising the English language in a way that it is understood properly and practiced in a way that it also helps the reader learn other approach in expressing ideas and thoughts in writing.

Moving forward, I have read and understood your essay and indeed, the essay is not stating its purpose. What I mean is that, we normally include the prompt or the task given, this is on order for the contributors and editors ,to know which part of the essay to focus on and what approach to use in correcting and providing feedback for your essay. At this point, as we don't have any basis as to what and how to modify the essay, I must say you were able to come up with a well written essay about YSEALI and if your purpose is to introduce YSEALI to your readers, then you did a great job.

I hope you follow through and post the task or at least explain the target goal for this essay, this way we will be able to assist you better.

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