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Writing Task 2 - Able to make film for everyone. Positive or Negative?

thanhtrung97 5 / 11 3  
Oct 22, 2020   #1

Films were produced by big companies in the past, but today people are able to make a film

Do you think this trend is positive or negative?

In recent decades, there has been a growing trend in the number of films made by ordinary people. Although films produced by giant companies usually get a large investment and high quality, the ability to make a film for amateurs could carry a positive impact on the film industry.

There are many great opportunities for a non-professional filmmaker. Firstly, when recording footage does not require a high budget, anyone could easily produce a film that is to convey their idea to audiences. For example, with the expansion and popularity of online video broadcasting platform, there is a myriad of daily uploaded video in which the creators perform their creativity in various ways, such as vlog and experiment. Secondly, if the creator's production becomes well-known globally and reaches the attention of big film companies, which could enhance their career or even turn their life into a new chapter. For example, a film named Paranormal Activity was made by an amateur within an extremely low budget and this film became a box office phenomenon which then attracted large investments from many big companies to make its spin-off series.

In addition, this trend could be generally good for the audience. Since there are films from various concepts, audiences like us could have many options to choose ones that suit our taste. For instance, even if an audience's taste is comedy, horror, or action film, YouTube always provides or recommends videos containing relevant content for its audience. By easily delivering the idea of the creator's trouble solution into a film, some audiences may find an escape when they are in the same trouble. In an online interview with a 23-year-old depression patient, she felt relieved after she watched a video that her mother gave, and finally that video brings joy back to her life.

In conclusion, allowing a normal person to make a film will bring a positive influence on film industry in many aspects.

studyingabroad 4 / 10 5  
Oct 22, 2020   #2
You should add a personal linking word such as From my perspective, From my point of view... because it will make your introduction clearer and task-responding. An introduction paragraph should include 2-3 sentences: hooked sentence, paraphrase and thesis statement (show your opinion), don't write in such an ambiguous way.

The last sentence in body 2 seems to lack a linking word so it is not coherent.
You should add a final comment in the conclusion.
OP thanhtrung97 5 / 11 3  
Oct 22, 2020   #3
Thank you for taking the time to read my essay.
In the introduction section, I use "although" to express my opinion in the latter clause within the same sentence. Perhaps words are not strong enough to hold my opinion?

In body 2, I agree with you. Should I reuse "For instance" in this context?
In the conclusion section, yes, I agree!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,091 3251  
Oct 23, 2020   #4
It is important that you outline your discussion points in the opening paragraph. As you restate the topic, you must immediately respond to the question provided because of the "clear opinion" requirement in the TA section. As you give your opinion. Outline the reasons you will be using to support your opinion as well. This will help create a coherent summary of your upcoming discussion points. It will also serve as the respond guide for your 2 reasoning paragraphs. Never leave your opinion for the conclusion because the concluding summary, sans any opinions, are what is located in that presentation. Placing your opinion in the concluding paragraph will result in deductions for you, rather than point credits.

Your explanations are not complete. You have an opportunity to use one fully developed discussion topic per paragraph. Write the presentation that way. One topic, one full explanation will get you a better score when compared to 2 reasons in one paragraph that leaves the reader with more questions than answers with regards to your reasoning presentation.
OP thanhtrung97 5 / 11 3  
Oct 23, 2020   #5
Thank you for your advice.
In the concluding paragraph, I think I should reconfirm my opinion after giving explanations on 2 bodies?
What do you suggest If I do not leave my opinion on the last section?

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