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Academic IELTS task 1-The maps of town center of Islip now and in the future

Chi Han 3 / 4 2  
Oct 19, 2017   #1

Islip before and after development

The maps below show the centre of a small town called Islip as it is now, and plans for its development.
Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The two maps illustrates the town center of Islip before and after the development. The map above is today's Islip town center, while the bottom is development plan of town center.

Nowadays, a main road crosses the town center from east to west. However, it will be replaced as a pedestrian walkway in the future plan. A dual carriageway, which goes around the town center, will be the new main road.

All of the shops in town are situated on the both sides of the main road. In new development, the shops and the countryside on the north side will be replaced by some facilities, including bus station, shopping center, car park and new housing. Shops on the south will remain the same.

On the south of Islip, new housing will be constructed near the area near the park in the east. On the west side of the housing area, it will not affected by the planned development. Both school and park will be connected with the dual carriageway.

lhy1216 2 / 4 2  
Oct 19, 2017   #2
Hi Chi Han,

I noticed that there are some mistakes.
The two maps illustrates -> illustrate
town center -> centre (just read the questions carefully :) )
while the bottom one is development plan of

Using 'currently' would be better in the second paragraph, cuz in my opinion, 'nowadays' is not suitable in this context.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,594 3760  
Oct 20, 2017   #3
Lu, when you provide the summary overview for your essay, always remember to include the discussion instruction at the end because that will serve to explain the purpose of the analytical essay to the reader. You actually wrote an effective overview here, the only thing missing is the reference to the discussion instruction. That is something so simple that you can add that to the end of your summary overview in your next practice test. Completing the summary overview will ensure a higher TA score for you which will result in increased scoring considerations for your remaining criteria.

For this type of essay, since you are supplied with 2 images and you are allowed up to 5 paragraphs to develop, the better presentation of the discussion would have been:

Par. 2 - Details of the first map
Par. 3 - Details of the 2nd map
Par. 4 - Comparison of changes within the 2 map illustrations

Paragraph 5 is optional so you are good if you can present 4 solid paragraphs with relevant information indicated and explained in each one.

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