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IELTS academic task one .. bar chart - coffee and meat consumption

mo7ammed1986 1 / -  
Jun 28, 2014   #1
the question is attached in the picture

here is my answer:

This is bar graph demonstrating yearly coffee and meat expenditure numbers as compared in 4 European, 2 Asian and 1 American countries. Meat consumption is in its maximum in USA, followed by European countries while Asian countries have the least rates. European countries are the most coffee consuming nations while Asians are also the least.

Meat consumption is in its top in USA (122 kg per human)then the number is significantly reduced to 87 when looking to Germany. Number of kilograms eaten by person are near in France (72) and Norway (60). Further significant drop is seen when looking at figures from China (47), Russia (45) and Japan (42).

Coffee consumption was greatly increased in Norway (9 kg per individual) followed by Germany (7) then other countries has approximate figures (5 for both France and Russia) followed by (4) for USA then (3) for Japan and the least coffee consumption is recorded in China with only two kilograms for each subject.

hungtho 2 / 10  
Jul 2, 2014   #2
In my opinion, you should describe it in different ways.

People in USA consumed approximately 122 kg per human, which is the highest figures shown on the chart. Likewise, the number of kilograms eaten by person of some countries in Europe , namely France and Germany, was relatively large at around 85 and 72 kg, respectively.

By stark contrast, Japan was the smallest overall consumers with only 42 kg per person.
tiaDS 73 / 235 52  
Jul 3, 2014   #3
Here, I just wanna share that in this type of prompt writing task 1, you should compare and contrast the detail information. If in the prompt has a time duration you can use language of change (a significant incline/ a dramatic decrease) and language of compare (higher/highest/bigger/biggest). In this case, language of compare and contrast should be applied in because you don't have time duration.
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Jul 24, 2014   #4
Make sure you have a clear intro and an overview, by writing them in different paragraphs.

Compare and contrast between the red and blue bars. Let me give a try: The highest meat consumption is recorded by USA with 122 kg per person. However, overall numbers of Americans consuming coffee only show 4 kg in a year.
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Jul 28, 2014   #5
Well, you need to change your current approach for this task. This task is to assess your report writing capabilities. So, you should adopt a more report writing tone for answering this task.

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