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Do not accept others' criticism cannot succeed?

amanda guo 5 / 8  
Nov 6, 2011   #1
I need help!!! please!!! thanks in advance!!!

Do you agree with the following statement? In a team, those who do not accept others' criticism can not succeed.

We all have a common feature that love to accept praise rather than criticism. When we immerse into the ocean of the praise for long time, we will lose the direction. I agree with some people believed that in a team, those who do not accept others' criticism can not succeed. And my arguments for this point of view are listed as follows.

No one in the world is perfect. Thus, to accept other's criticism, the team can achieve success, individuals can gain improvement. Once our school checked the hygiene of our room, I cleaned the window and others swept and mopped the floor. When I finished, my roommate told me there were some spots on the window. However, I refused to clean it again because I thought she had no right to criticize my work. Therefore, we missed the award of the best room because the glass was not cleaning. After this thing, I realize that a team can not succeed because someone doesn't want to correct himself/herself. On the next cleaning house competition, I accept roommates' criticism sincerely, and eventually we win the best collaboration award. Being modest to other's criticism is the biggest prize for me.

Furthermore,accepting other's criticism instead of getting everything on one's own advances the unity of team. Democracy and communication are two important elements to a team. In a team, it is necessary to give others rights and chances to point out mistakes, and if the criticism is right, mistake maker should correct their mistakes. During this process, people exchange their ideas, and enhance mutual understanding and respect. That will form a united team and can be succeed. As John F Kennedy said, together, there is little we cannot do while divided, there is little we can do.

There is an old saying that medicine is tasted bitter, but it is helpful for the health. We can treat the criticism as the medicine that makes us uncomfortable but it must be a good advice for us.

OP amanda guo 5 / 8  
Nov 7, 2011   #2
help!!!next week I have to take TOEFL. so please help me! thanks a lot!

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