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AN ACCIDENTAL, OCCIDENTAL PLAN: (Political leadership) Writing an exploratory essay

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Dec 24, 2010   #1
The basis of this essay is to explore the aspects of political leadership and policies that maintain current leaders in religious, political and commercial groups in a model form of the corporation, and that the individual should discern historical circumstances that shape our culture, one individual at a time.


We always wonder at the intentions of an individual or individual corporation: the elected official, program or other legal entity. Was it done on purpose? Was it an accident? Was there any remorse shown? For we cannot fathom someone so ruthless and despicable. Or was it their nature. The importance is derived from the meeting... the offense is sometimes a ruse; where a committee assigns to find out: who knew what, and when, so that we may determine the actual intent. While no one will ever usually take credit or responsibility for decisions, the blame is shifted to an individual within the corporation. It is not by accident. It is by design and intent, purposeful and deliberate. Since the corporation is a body without a conscience.

The perennial nature of man further pinpointed after years of reflections, perhaps painful, finally to realize that we are all destined to a complete routine. Realizing nothing more refreshing or liberating than to discontinue where we would spend our lives in safe ritual. We fall into secular labor, house work, church vocation, worldly amusements, activities, and the body politic becomes the carriage, a shaft runs through it. We are told to hold on tight, fear letting go, because we are led to believe it is our security. The family home is one's castle, but we spend little time with our loyal subjects. We toil for thirty years to obtain this fortress, our chief expenditure, with all of the innumerable costs, payments, and upkeep. Automobiles are the customary mode in which we have chosen to make it spin. It does not stop to let you off; you must jump. We live merely to work. We work to live. It is both a commandment and a curse. The organizations have organized the spoils.

Accordingly, there is a two party political system, which organizes both the laborers work and wages. Prevailing parties having done everything within their authority to remove the third party, currently held at bay. They imply these two choices are the only viable candidates. We, the people, cast a vote to obtain a choice of the two main parties, the democrats and republicans. And the powers are only delighted that we have embraced one of their own.

The vote for a candidate becomes a simulation. The candidate rarely represents your morals or beliefs; they only represent sheer numbers; for it is expedient for one to decide than for a million people to come to terms. Other times, the people had voted for the right to die. By casting a vote, the individual becomes part of the whole-in league-with the state, or another arm of the state. At another time the people voted for a right to life, but the vote was declared invalid by a few judges. Voting becomes merely a process to which the outcome becomes reflected on the voters, who did not vote for the undesirable outcome, but rather the participation that gave the simulation validity. The participation is a matter of selection of limited choices. Hence, unjust laws exist which the voter is party and is culpable-blameworthy.

Still, waiting impatiently for a divine leader, the people are moved to revival with the calling of a new leader every four years, crying out for a new king, a secular one, who sets the tone. We vote a choice between these two parties, at our own expense, and peril. This is a privileged class. The two party system-where neither party is for the people. While they have an inaugural convention, it does not allow the seating for the common man, only those of nobility. While chiefly they operate the two directly, indirectly a wealthy group of individuals stand aloof directing both enterprises through a legitimate interface. It is the lobbyists, the special interests, and other bodies whose sole purpose is to influence or move politicians with contributions. Money is their token of goodwill. If one chases after the money, it is sure to lead directly to a wealthy tycoon, and to a different gospel altogether.

Corporate executives toil to build the corporate body to represent this fleeting virtue of wealth. They maintain and direct the corporation to greater and greater products. When the corporate executives place company stocks to public trade, a wealthy group may buy a majority of the shares, to take over and direct a new enterprise. They could buyout the original inventor or entrepreneur if only to stop its production. If it might interfere with other profitable companies, the project though helpful, may become a liability. Therefore, a foe could be an alliance for a short duration. They become members; they become stockholders.

It isn't an accident wars are fought to lower prices of textiles and consumer goods, the mightier hand then determines the price. The convenient aspect of war lowers the population of the common laborer of both sides, the uneducated poorer class enriches the natural selection. When the common laborers dreams of being liberated are crushed, riots ensue on the streets; the poor mans version of war. The wars on our domestic soils are wars that would have otherwise been fought on foreign soils, by these same valiant men. Those who would have fought in honor for a white collar cause, had the poor man not been awakened from his dream. When awakened from the American Dream, a poor man may have a dream of his own. State laws keep the poor downtrodden and increase the costs to live. For what group of poor men would gather an army to venture off to international lands and argue a lack of minimum wage jobs of their rural communities, and then attempt to shift blame onto an Arab or Russian? Or blame their religious creed or economic ideologies. Isn't our own community to blame, the incompetence of our own government whom we elected? Why seek international territories for blame, when we should purposefully look to our own domestic enemies? There is no need to go 10,000 miles to find an enemy, when our enemy lives within our own neighborhood. He sends in the spy, who crosses our borders, onto our territory at five or six in the morning to deposit an array of land mines on the front lawn.

When traveling through our commercial districts, a commonality strikes me amongst many businesses. A majority of the signs are colored and lettered in red to a vast extent. Is it a matter of coincidence? Should I assume that red is their favorite color? No, I am sure its been studied. A proven fact that it will increase their business traffic. Advertising and the selling of merchandise is a science with numbers and figures. Even the oldest professions(which seems to also flourish by posting a red symbol above their doors), are able to tell the difference in business traffic when a red or blue light is displayed.

The blue collar workers and the uniformed middle class worker hinders local battles. Police and national militias are enlisted to the blue collar, paid men of the state, to fight riots and uprisings. These are commissioned soldiers of a common labor market to fight white collar causes. Middle class is the dividing line to keep the poor on this side of luxuries. A division is placed among the people. Labor divided. Though common labor has simply been divided. A common laborer class

has been purchased by the promises of a better life, if only we injure or kill our neighbors.
If I must kill or injure my neighbors, domestic or international, for the promise of a better life, I would rather keep the one that I entertain now, or return it for the older that I used to enjoy. Do not even attempt to convince me that I need the latest model. Consumerism starts within the company, eroding contentment from within. Every company seems to have one rodent employed, the corporate mole, who burrows himself up to management the activity of the laborer, for a small price. He has sold out. He has sold himself out for a mere thirty pieces of silver. This becomes the design of the corporate model. The adversary to the common laborer is management currently

set in place. When we all realize this, they shall stop the wars long enough to saddle up the wealthy man with a rifle, and let him do his own dirty work. Let our readers lead. Let our leaders lead by example, and our followers will follow that example.

It has always been those citizens, who would come out from the common labor market, who rise up, attempting to bring about change. The ruling class has already placed a program in place, to resist change at all cost. Don't they kill every leader that will bring about a change? Do they not attempt to embarrass or threaten a family that has such a leader. In maintaining a despotic power, they remove or silence an educated group of thinkers. When one arises, they are plucked one at a time, or perhaps purchased for a price. Once removed, who else would resist the ruling class and their plans? Previous violent regimes had the same passive workers who would pay their taxes and follow the laws of the land, despite being lawless in nature, where the laws of the land were to silence the educated and other minorities. It is no different today. Which group is getting too close? Collapsing a plan is always based upon the vision of one individual, and they all know this. False victory is obtained by the individual selling out to the Corporation, or the establishment, one individual at a time. The only corpus that one needs to belong to or owe allegiance is the body of Christ, the kingdom and family of God.

If we preach that the kingdom of god is merely a state of mind, irrelevant to the chaos and suffering the world around us, then apostolic poverty (voluntary poverty) or luxuries makes no difference. However, contentment is found deeper than the mind. The incorporated religious groups that found prosperity are complacent in their wealth. And their wealth is the test of their gospel-god has blessed them. But the real authority of the Church is found within the spirit, within Christ. Yet, there can only be a remnant of the Church, that God almighty knows his own, regardless.

The Church met with extreme resistance that cost our lord his life. He became the keeper of this gate. Today, State law sets in place its policies to govern the church and marriage, guarding us from reaching the gate or the promise land, to which they imply; "It cannot be done unless it is legal; for we must place our stamp of approval on it." This is precisely what ruins it; their approval and their stamp. I am sure it has been designed for this purpose, for which the intending result is also apparent. It is no accident. It has been the most prosperous time in history for the Church, and yet clearly the church cannot create a lasting impression upon a perishing world. The state targets the church, but at its nucleus is the individual family, the domestic church. Hasn't money lost its luster yet? The domestic church is the family; the marriage; and its disciples the children. The Christian marriage goes through the secular courts and it is no wonder there is problems in post divorce families.

The United States started the nation with its first bank. They invented the first 30 year mortgage, deeded the first property and house; where life expectancy was only 45 years a couple centuries ago. Once the crops failed (as they knew in time they would), the bank became the first true home owners and farmers. After that particular home, the bank became the second homeowner. And now, the banks own most properties within the United States. It is no accident that the common laborer has been entirely removed from the toil of owning the family home; which, it could be a blessing in disguise.

The peasant class has a month-to-month tenancy with the landlord, and the tenant can avoid a bad neighbor by moving himself. It is only when we become serfs to the feudal bankers, that securely ties down to the land for 30 years, where our neighbors become much more permanent. For the moving of oneself becomes much more cumbersome and costly. Under the feudal system, vassals were men who made agreements with nobles or lords to earn a tract of land. Though today vassals or military men are still paid the land indirectly. After twenty years of service, the military man has earned the right to a monthly retirement and a guaranteed home loan. While the

State no longer arranges land deals, they remain in the business of money. With the rising cost of home ownership, the military man may instead, decide to rent from a landlord to be as free as a peasant.

Tax laws of recent years have supplemented an artificial increase in the value of property. By directing our subsequent purchase to a more expensive home from our previous home sale, or suffer the consequences of tax. By further regulating the available build zones, it has lowered the available land to build a house. This increases the demand, thereby, artificially increasing the cost for property. That few who removed the supply, increased the demand. A simple law of supply and demand implemented. These policies have hindered the community and nation as a whole, at the expense of the poor. Isn't a subdivision type neighborhood a small depiction of a nation, with each house a sovereign State, and each room its local government? Some nations are third world and so with our neighborhoods. For whatever the reason that some neighborhoods have developed into third world, is perhaps the same reason that third world countries are among our neighbors. When we can remedy our lowest of neighborhoods, starting with the first home, we shall be able to repair

all the world's ills, introducing change to local government, one person at a time.
Lasting change is not on the minds of those in authority. They want everyone to stay put-in a state of status quo-reassuring those currently in power remain so. Never would they want any one to stand above the crowd, except in a controlled manner, to be sure he shall be knocked back down again. Writers are commonly taught to refrain from the use of the word I, the first person, who is the obvious narrator. To make a stand in the first person they fear, even in writing, lest he should stand up also amongst the crowd, he could bring about change. We are directed to point the finger at him, writing only in the second person, which is you, which becomes degraded to a point of preaching down to.

I will not be so condescending. To write primarily in the third person becomes a matter of we-the anonymous group to make our stand. However, the rooster may crow three times, leaving myself standing alone anyway. Even still, to write under these conditions makes it all painful, as if enduring to learn a second or third language. It is all too tedious, and even annoying; besides, Thomas hates to talk in the third person. He would rather speak in his own dialect, which is a familiar tone, and perhaps those who know his voice would recognize the language, listening to what he has to say. For these are his kinsmen.

But, it is only when-I-must stand out amongst the group, as we, not necessarily from my own accord; sometimes it is purely of accidental means. Since I might be compelled to write (or speak) against my conscience, where I might rather remain silent, but compelled by necessity by some other higher authority present. When I am of the elect, to write on behalf of a group, or to entertain the notion to volunteer, that I should actually replicate myself by writing in the first person, notably forward of the group; I should stand in front. Though it isn't a matter of ego, but of a distinct necessity. I will freely do so without any reservation, as long as it's out of volunteerism, or possibly under irresistible grace. I don't have any constraints for others to speak in the difficult language of the second or third person, or those to be the second or third person. But it strikes me, in some cases, that it should become a haven for the cowardly; those who would remain neutral as a narrator, standing aloof from their handiwork under a fictitious pen name. He might use the anonymous backup at a later date, citing through another fictitious pen name. Nevertheless, to accept any undue responsibility for oneself might be hazardous to other ventures. The fear is not unfounded.

What kind thoughts or achievements would have been accomplished if only our lives were left unregulated: to a mortgage, political and commercial institutions? And even freedom from all prevailing religious institutions? At many times in our unique history, man's stages of growth were not purely of incidental means. Ingenuity played its part. Man displaced his time, delivered it up, to move mankind forever forward. The cave we thought to be a cozy domicile until someone built the very first log home. And since the invention of the ice box, and the invention of refrigeration, we still toil for higher advancement. Before that, we would have spent our entire day attempting to stay warm, with a healthy search for food. What should we do with our time now that we no longer search for food and shelter?

We seek work. The fields are narrowed and the labor controlled. The first man to cease laboring in the fields, came inside the house, away from a rather wet and cold morning. Looking out his window, he viewed the workers in the field, and in his reluctance to go back outside in the cold, he created the first office. He then preceded to convince and persuade the rest of the workers that that is what they needed. Or chiefly what he needed-office work. Soon after, every company had it. A different notion of work. With this, he created the first advertising and marketing group. Bringing in his close associates from the field. From there, he opened up room for advancement with new titles, until the CEO was created and he was it. The president is that of an important title, given to rise up under a controlled means, but easily replaced. But we forget, that when we emboss someone with money or extravagance, we fail to see under the surface. No individual retains the accountability of the corporation. The corporate executive then opens the corporations toil to the highest bidder, utilizing the stock market. The wealthy elite, now stockholders, directs the corporation, so that it is less detrimental to their other endeavors. The corporations have since purchased, the essential forms of mass media, which has already gained wide circulation, that of: television, publishing, film, music, newspaper, and magazines. These mediums which before were reflecting our thoughts have become used to control our thoughts and actions through manipulation. The talented and untalented line up in front to display their talent and present their message. But whatever is pitched, the corporation has decided they can't use it. They are the keepers of this gate, and only the talented and wealthy enough, can kick it down or make a dent. Right now, we all await for the right message and messenger to deliver us. Meanwhile, we are only allowed to know what they are willing to let us know and see what they are willing to let us see.

Education has become a business with no real distinction between the secular or religious institutions. After reaching a decision to increase my learning, as a literary tool, to be educated in the more theological and scholarly ways, I learned that there wasn't a religious college that represented my beliefs. One local college: I would be required to sign a doctrinal statement too much to the degree that Constantine required, if I saw myself fit to attend their religious university. Having the very doctrinal statement in hand, I felt as if I was seated amidst the Council of Nicea; I had a strong reservation against signing it. And with hindsight in my favor, I refused to endorse it. Eusubias would have done the same thing had he been confronted with the same restrictions. But I could attend that institution without the formalities of endorsing their religious creed, if I paid ten times the usual tuition. And then, I had just learned what they had intended to teach at that institution, what they taught-that even money could buy admittance, and the wealthy could enter despite the religious persuasion.

After I refused to ascribe to the document, it occurred to me, there may be another method, more agreeable, to enter this particular private Christian college. And so, I inquired within the admissions office, addressing the current gate keepers. They would forgoe all requirements in entering their institution in exchange for $200 per credit hour (this is the rate to which they anticipate expending my money(time and talent); which is $600 to $800 per class, which according to Henry David Thoreau, was the cost of a modest home. Upon learning this, I found what this college ultimately desired to teach me: money overrides any principle and creates a very broad gate. But this I already knew. They only wished to find another proselyte to convert and have him become as themselves.

Since 1964, the dental association has sought universal dental care but it has failed to provide a plan. The political forum could not even organize the dental association with minimal success. A grandiose universal health care plan is a political slogan often repeated but without real intent. It is just a lie repeated. The state has been promising health care for all its citizens to bring about a socialism for its democracy, but without any real solution and with ulterior motives. The health care insurance system operated by the state is an insurance scam. Routine treatments are denied; complaints and requests for administrative reviews are denied. They do not want to investigate even complaints of emergency medicine denied. The system does not want a system of health care that has people treated; it wants an insurance scam. Monies that are placed within the system operate the system and the patients are denied, with payouts to the administrators who keep the costs low. Once placed on the system there is no way to be removed from the system. It is misuse of identity. Socialized insurance scams do not apply to the Church. Thomas does not want his family, or himself, on any state insurance scam. The medical communities has never really placed the business of medicine on the open market to see what the going rate is for a broken femur or some internal transplant; or what is the going rate of emergency treatment?

Boldly, capitalism has directed an industrial revolution to control man's labor. By opening up factories to labor in, we have become indirectly enslaved to the manufacture of them. With more time liberated since the invention of the automobile (at first a luxury), except now everyone must ultimately have a car; we have lost our time in the bargain. Work was well underway for the advancement of faster travel and more power. The horse and buggy industry must have fought fiendishly to stop this advancement. And while they must've said, "Stop it, it can't be done, it'll never work; we've tried that before and it didn't work." While most were content with the velocity and power of current land travel with the single horse, society still had a strong desire to surpass the genius of its elders, for it had concluded that one horse would not suffice, and then two, four, and six were teamed for more power. Still, today, the average amount of horses which one man owns is 200, though it is measured in the power of his car; he drives the vehicle forgetting the actual horses he had to leave behind. As today, owning a horse is merely child's play, a nostalgic notion of a simpler time.

Whatever we aspire to do, or pursue, the "nay sayers" will always be the dominate party. However, we may withdraw for a moment to be inspired, or gain composure, so that we can retreat again from a silent protest, with more courageous tenacity than ever before. We only have to stop and remember that perhaps they attempted it, and it didn't work for them. But we aren't them. We have a calling. We have a vision. We have a plan. We sought our gift from God, and God is with us. The appointed time is now.

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Dec 25, 2010   #2
First paragraph, (Or was it their nature. Fragment.) (While no one will ever usually take credit or responsibility for decisions...)
I know that fragments sound dramatic, but you really have to fix them. Try making them into short sentences instead. Also, you don't need usually if you put ever.
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Dec 27, 2010   #3
Thanks for reviewing the first paragraph, and the feedback. was the essay effective?
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Dec 28, 2010   #4
Yeah, I think it's very effective. You use strong words to show how serious you are, and it's very impressive. I just think that you should make it a bit more interesting because it does get a little boring. Still, great skills you put to use over here.

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