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What do accountants do? What characteristics make a good accountant?

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Accountants or auditors are practitioners of accountancy that covers the measurement, disclosure or provision of assurance about the financial information in various types of organizations. As such, the fine line of an accountant's job varies according to the nature of the institutions and areas of accounting.This spans from small business, corporates, multi-national investment firms, and governmentto private practice. The fields of accounting range as financial, management, tax and budgetary accounting.

A successful accountant must be a highly organized multi-tasker. In small businesses, the accounting group may consist of only a small team of people. In this case, two or three accountants are responsible for the entire accounting system and procedures. Each of them must entail the considerations to fine details and patience. They are to articulate such skills intoreconciling payrolls, complying and analyzing information to prepare book entries as well as documenting company transactions, to name a few.

One typical case for small business accountants would be the personal accountants or accountant teams for, say, a customer service company, who handle staff training expense, wages expense, and business income. Had we worked in a small business environment, we would know that those accountants calculate our salaries.

Takinganother example forcost accounting, the accountants as such would capture and accumulate manufacturing or productions costs for internal management. They entail considerations that overlook the details of budgeting, and product costing or pricing as well as the analytical thinking in preparing accounting reports in prospects of improving the future net margins or profits of the company. Those elements that affect their deliberation on the accounting paper would not be addressed due to the length of this essay.

An accountant in a general term is a formally certified professional who helps maintain financial records, analyze financial records, andensure taxes are paid correctly. Many of our local businesses would seek advice from the local accounting firms, which overlook their product purchasing and selling.Those accountants may bein charge of preparing entries to account books, analyzing the weekly, monthly or even yearly transactions, reconciling bank statements,and reviewingpayrolls in order to analyze company performance and productivity. In doing so, good accountants must display the attributes of great numeracy skills and analytical ability.

On the other hand, an accountant in the corporate tax environment must display well-defined interpersonal skills for the work of relatively complex accounting system and procedure. The personmust be a strategic planner in the company, who works with management and other employees closely andtherefore mustbe able to cooperate in teams.

Likewise, public sector accountants must provide their clients with exceptional customer servicein hope to retaintheir business. Their jobs would acquirestrong personal engagement with the customers in addition to showing interest in their professional needs.

Similarly, accountants in budgetary management and auditing and assurance services would articulate comparable attributes in order to finish tasks within their specialty. As this essay requests our personal experience with accountants or in accounting we would only focus on the scope of financial and managerial accounting.

In addition,financial accounting is the area of accounting that entitles the control of company financial management systems. Accountants in such field must sustain well considerations of the stakeholders. He or she must be mindedto extract details from the financial recordsfurther analysis of the strategic direction and financial decisions. They must be capable of and good at tracking down thecompany performance based on the working capitals, profit-to-loss ratios, or the gross profit margins.

Managementaccounting is a field of accounting that deals with the accumulation of financial information.The accountants in the managerial department likely prepare reports that are for internal users, for example, the company manager and executives. As oppose to accounting in the financial areas wherein the basis of preparing an accounting report lies upon historical cost, managerial accountingoverlooks the elements of future and forecasting value. Tasks and reports that entitled for sales forecasting, budget and comparative analysis as well as merger and consolidation fall hugely into this category. As such, our stereotyped minds of the introverted pencil-pushing accountants might not be so lacking in personality or sense of well roundness. Instead, they are the key person whomour chief officers,risk analysts, procurement manager, and even the executives would like to speak to in regard to the decision-makings of the company.

As a result, professional accountants would displaymuch grateful attributes of decision-making, strategic planning, leadership skills and analytical ability. This lies in the fact that our accountants are highly responsible for complying and analyzing our day-to-day transactions in regards to both financial and managerial purposes.Without their talentsin recording, analyzing, reconciling and reviewing this information, our job as employees, business owners or decision makers would not be possible.
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it should be= Taking another.


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it should be= such skills intro reconciling

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it should be = reviewing payrolls

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it should be = would acquire strong

you should be careful with spelling, you should check your essay before upload or send it. As it looks like unprofessional.

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