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Actors, story, and music - three factors that build up a good movie

lailai5203 1 / -  
Apr 12, 2019   #1

In your opinion what factors contribute to a good movie?

Movies are undoubtedly one of the world's biggest entertainment nowadays. People usually watch it in their leisure time for relaxation purpose. There are also a lot of genres that people can choose depends on their mood and favour, such as action, romance, thriller, comedy, suspense, science fiction etc. However, in my opinion, there are three factors that build up a good movie, which is actors, story, and music.

First of all, a movie cannot be represented if there are no actors. Moreover, the actor is the most essential element in a movie because good actors are able to express their mood successfully and convey the audience into the scene and experience the story together. In the movie "The Hunger Games", the main character Katniss shows her peaceful thoughts and she put a lot of effort in expressing her emotion, so when I was watching it in the movie theatre, I can fully understand the feeling in that situation and put myself into their shoes.

Second, I believe that story is another important material to create a good movie. Whether the plot is a real story or not, I think it should imply some issues in society for the audience to learn or discuss. In the movie "3 idiots", is a story mentioning about the education system in India. In the movie, Rancho is studying at an Indian engineering college. Furthermore, he is genuinely interested in science and engineering. He believes that instructors shouldn't ask students to remember the textbook. Instead, students should gain knowledge through hands-on practice. For parents, they know that engineering can make a good salary, so they force their children to major in this subject, which is a serious misconception for their future. Rancho mentions these issues and he has taken a full interpretation of this role to express those ideas.

Lastly, music serve several purposes that are either important on the emotional side of the movie or help to enhance the storytelling. In addition, although most of the time, the audience will not notice how the music helps them to communicate and connect to the story. But music usually plays the role of generating the mood when the actor or the plot is trying to deliver some emotions. In the movie "A star is born", there is a song called "Shallow", which is describing a conversation between the two main characters, Ally and Jackson, if they are content being who they are. The song is heard three times throughout the film, therefore, whenever I heard of the song now, I remembered the scene in the movie and the feeling of the actress's broken heart. This is how powerful the music is.

To sum up, films are a truly collaborative effort that often involves hundreds of cast and crew working together in order to create a finished product. Therefore, not only these three factors can contribute to a good movie, but they are the most important elements to start with.

Maria [Contributor] - / 394 194  
Apr 12, 2019   #2
Your construction of sentences is decent. I would only say that in terms of structure, you could opt for less complex methods of building up to make your essay more comprehensible. Avoid repetitive language that could make your essay redundant.

For instance, you were constantly repeating that method of creating lists in your first paragraph. Instead of doing this, I would recommend that you go straight to the point. In line with this, I would revise your last sentence as:

However, there are three factors to consider in a movie's quality: actors, story, and music.
What I had done is remove those linking words and instead opted for a colon to indicate that you would be discussing these three things. This method can help you avoid too much usage of commas that can appear to somehow clutter the entirety of your text.

Having said that, the removal of redundant words is key when you want to expound on key ideas for your essay. Especially when you are working with word counts, it is vital to assess and manage your usage of language.

Let's look at your second paragraph. I would phrase the second sentence instead as:
Moreover, actors are essential elements in a movie because they convey and express a mood for the audience to experience.
As you can see, I had paraphrased your line and cut down the words through making concise the tone and language. If you can do this through practicing more, it can help you enhance your writing through making more space for your theme. This can as well help you avoid lengthy sentences that drag an essay's quality. This issue is mostly evident in your essay in its body. If you believe that you can omit words and separate thoughts into two different sentences, then opt to do that at all costs.

Apart from this, I would suggest that you watch out for your proper capitalization as well because there were instances wherein you were not able to implement this for proper nouns. Review your grammar handbook on writing.

The overall content of your essay, nonetheless, is quite sufficient especially with the abundance of examples and tones of discussion.
Best of luck to you!

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