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The advantage and disadvantage of the mobile phones

essay0405 7 / 16  
Oct 16, 2009   #1
This is an exercise my teacher has given me. Please check for my mistakes in this essay. Thanks in advance.

Discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

People often focus on the benefits of the mobile phones and are not aware of its disadvantages, of which there are many.

For one thing, mobile phones often disturb people in public places because of the unawareness of the owners. No one can deny that mobile phones are fast and convenient means of communication, you can keep contact with everyone in the world wherever they are. However, it is also the reason why people tend to have their mobile phones on all the time, which can cause a disturbance when they ring. For example, when you are having a meeting and everyone is paying attention to the speaker, your mobile phone suddenly rings louder and louder. The meeting must be interrupted and you will be so embarrassed with others.

In addition, the use of mobile phones sometimes reduces the efficiency in your study and in your work. We all know that mobile phones are also means of entertainment with many functions to help you chat with friends, listen to music, send messages,... Those always attract people, especially the ones who are teenagers so that they cannot concentrate on their lessons in the class. Statistics show that in many countries, parents draw the line at letting their children use mobile phones to make them learn better.

Mobile phones can be considered as mini-computers with more and more modern generations. They cause a tendency in people all over the world to buy the top-of-the-range mobiles that express their styles, characters, etc. For that reason, each year a large sum of money has been wasted in buying new mobile phones and solving the problems of decomposing the old ones while we can use this money to support many poor countries in the world to make the life of the people there better. It is clear that mobile phones bring a lot of problems to our life.

In conclusion, I think people should learn how to use the mobile phones properly before buying them, which is the mobile culture. Mobile phones are not bad themselves, it just depends on the way we use them.

tuanlnc 10 / 36  
Oct 17, 2009   #2

I don't think mobile phones create a lot of problem for our life and " people should learn how to use the mobile phones properly before buying them".

I agree that there are several disadvantages of molile phones such as making us neglect, wasting our time when over-using, disturbing around people when ringing or speaking loudly.

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