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Advantage and disadvantage of watching tv of children

thaomya_03 1 / -  
Oct 18, 2023   #1

Electronic media attract a huge amount of attention from kids

With the development of electronic devices in the 4.0 era these days, there is no doubt that they attract a huge amount of attention from most children, especially television; however, there are both advantages and drawbacks to deciding to do this indoor activity. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument before giving some conclusions.

On the one hand, watching TV brings both education and entertainment for children. Television is a great tool for children to acquire knowledge effectively. It also creates a foundation for them to absorb new knowledge and broaden their horizons. For instance, they are able to internalize a variety of cultures, people, animals, places, and many interesting other things through the TV screen. Besides that, children can watch TV with the aim of entertaining. It allows them to immerse in their favorite programs, which make a contribution for them to unwind and refresh their mind after long hours studying at school.

On the other hand, some people think that watching TV would negatively affect children's development. The first reason is that sitting in front of TV screens for too long is detrimental to children's health. Many kids suffer from various health problems such as obesity, eye strain, or fatigue due to prolonged television watching. Additional major drawback is that spending time with programs not recommended causes the transmission of negative values ​​to children. Watching violent channels sometimes results in aggressive conduct and gets them indulged in crime. To illustrate, the current journal of Times of India reported that there has been an increase in the number of crime cases registered against juveniles.

To summarize, television has both pros and cons for children. However, parents need to frame a proper schedule for watching TV for their children. Personally, I strongly believe that the positives of watching television outweigh any disadvantages.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,435 4691  
Oct 25, 2023   #2
Okay. This is an advantage v. disadvantage essay. It is not a personal opinion essay. Therefore, you are not allowed to represent any first person insight in the essay. Doing so will be considered a prompt deviation, resulting in an immediate failing essay. You presented a personal opinion in the concluding paragraph, which is a double deduction on your part. First, because you included a new discussion in what is supposed to be a summary paragraph. Second, you are not supposed to have a personal opinion present in this essay. Your job is merely to inform, not decide for the reader. So these are the main problem points in your presentation that should be avoided next time.

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