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Nov 3, 2019   #1
There is an increasing trend around the world of married couples deciding not to have children. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for couples who decide to do this

happy family without a child?

The number of married couples who opt for a child-free lifestyle is becoming a rising trend around the globe. Although the primary advantage of this decision making is that the families' well-being will remain stable, the main drawback of this is that it might result in a lonely life when the years to come.

Maintaining a family's happiness and health appears to be the evident benefit for couples deciding not to have children. Since these couples barely tackle family pressures from being a parent, they can avoid unnecessary arguments deriving from the parent's responsibility and education fees. As a result, not only can child-free parents maintain the quality of the family, but they also are free to pursue their life expectancy. For instance, more than 129 couples asked in a survey in 2010 admitted that they had proactively chosen to be child-free parents to minimize family pressures.

However, being the lonely elderly reflects the main downside of opting for a child-free lifestyle. When married couples decide to live without the appearance of a child, they might confront a lonely life when their spouse passes away. Inevitably, they could live alone by themselves in either their house or in a nursing home where they are taken care of by the government. For instance, Singapore authority has recently allocated more than 30% of the government budget to construct more nursing homes since the number of the elderly is rising over the years.

In conclusion, although being a child-free parent has promoted the benefit of a healthy and happy family, it could negatively affect the couples in the future concerning the lonely aged.

P/s: All the examples are unreal.
Maya Tng 2 / 2  
Nov 4, 2019   #2
After reading your essay, i find your writing style is very well structured and clear.
I only have one suggestion, instead of Singapore authority, I suggest Singaporeor Singapore authorities have

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