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Advantages and disadvantages for a country to host a major sports competition

trang99 1 / 1  
Apr 20, 2020   #1

A big sport event organization

Becoming a host country of a major sports competition seems to be an exceptional opportunity to display country's strengths on the international arena. However, hosting competition does not always bring positive effects.

First of all, hosting supplies host country with reputation and great honor when organizing a competition which is of paramount importance. Therefore, host country might make a good impression on the foreign one by their stupendous preparation for such a significant event. Secondly, it may beneficial for the host country by boosting the national economy. Organizing a monumental sport competition draws numerous people who have interest in sport travelling to host country. This somehow develops the tourism business. Consequently, it not only introduces domestic culture to foreigners, but also contributes to GDP of the host country. Last but not least, raising citizen's sport spirit seems to be a remarkable merit of these events. People may learn about the importance of sport; hence, it stimulates residents to exercise, which eventually raises national health.

However, hosting might exert about negative impacts on government budget. Money-consuming on organizing and building infrastructure used for supporting for the event. On the contrary, it might be much more useful when it is spent for other urgent issues like social health problem, undernourished children and poverty. Secondly, gathering a large amount of people might pose a threat to social security, especially opportunities for riot from groups of negative fan of the failure team. Moreover, the host country appeared to be in jeopardy because of being an ideal destination of terrorists. Finally, damaging the local environment seems to be one of the remarkable drawback of sport competition holding. Littering trash on the organizational areas, or soaring gas emissions from high density of using transportation might be anticipated in such a major sport competition.

I personally believe that drawbacks of this such a sport event outweighs its merits. Therefore, government should spend their budget on more urgent issues.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,252 3656  
Apr 20, 2020   #2
You wrote 321 words and never once, bothered to review the original prompt. You never bothered to check if the essay that you wrote is in accordance with the prompt requirements. All of the words that you wrote became useless when you failed to follow the formatting requirement for the response and reasoning paragraphs. It is useless to write all those words, when you will not meet the discussion requirements anyway. You will still fail the test.

You did not properly represent the instructions in your prompt paraphrase. You turned a A/D with personal opinion essay into a single point of view essay with your prompt paraphrase. Causing a confusing representation in the discussion paragraphs. You should have properly outlined the discussion in the paraphrase to indicate the 2 point of view essay with a personal opinion at the end. The personal opinion should be discussed in a complete paragraph form. It is not a single sentence at the end. A personal opinion will never be accepted as a concluding paragraph or sentence by the examiner. Basically, this essay only has a lot of words written, but it does not meet the discussion requirements in the proper manner.
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Apr 21, 2020   #3
Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it. I'll try my best to improve my writing skills. And sorry to bother you again. Can you give me comments about the above essay with this topic:

"Some people believe that it is good for a country to host a major sports competition. Others think it causes many problems for the country.

Discuss both point of view and give your own opinion."

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