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Writing ielts task 2. The advantages and disadvantages of living with others

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Jul 24, 2021   #1

living in a shared-house

Some people prefer living alone. Others want to share a house with their family or their friends. Do the advantages of living eith others outweight the disadvantages

With regard to private life, a large number of people are in favour of sharing a house with their family or their friends . My stance is that the problems associated with this type of living pale in comparison with the benefits it brings.

Granted, one might argue that living in a shared-house may have some inconvenience. This is based on the assumption that when sharing a house with others, people tend to beware of their actions and even some of their hobbies which seem peculiar to avoid distracting other members or making them feel annoyed. Such courses of action may make them feel uncomfortable in their own house, which may lead to unintended conflicts among members, rendering their relationship vulnerable. However, this reasoning is not sound as people are likely to live with their family or their close friends to whom they are able to show their characteristics as well as their personalities comfortably, without being afraid of getting insults or criticism solely because of their strange interests.

To add further credence to my assertion, sharing a house with others may be more economical to some people, especially those who are struggling with financial hardship. This can be seen in the way a large proportion of university students opt to live in a rented house with some of their friends to reduce the accommodation cost, which not only puts lower burden on their parents but also enables them to allocate resources to more important purposes, including their tuition fees. In addition, by living in a shared-house and talking to other members on a daily basis, people are able to share their difficulties more easily ,which may empower them to relieve pain and stress after an exhausted day at work, leading to lower levels of depression and anxiety they have to suffer.

In conclusion, considering various impacts that living in a shared-house may have on people in terms of relationship, financial and spiritual influence, I believe that the upside of this action is far more significant than its downside.
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Jul 25, 2021   #2
While the essay may not be grammatically accurate, there are no word choice errors that would affect the LR score negatively. As far as grammar range is concerned, the presentation remained clear in content and meaning to the reader even as sentence presentations Well sometimes improperly structured and presented.

There is no confusion in relation to the paragraph topics. The evidence choices in every paragraph is well explained and properly developed. There is a clear relationship between the paragraph reasoning that will keep the C + C score at a passing level or higher.

The writer wrote a strong opinion paper that never deviated from the discussion focus. This is undoubtedly a passing score presentation.

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