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The advantages and disadvantages of 3 media's namely Books,Radio& Television

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Jul 5, 2011   #1
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of the following as media for communicating information. State which you consider to be the most effective.

Communication is a field that has developed immensely in this century.The advancements in this field is really exemplary.No one in this world can dissent from this opinion.advancements in communication has narrowed our horizons.There are innumeracle modes of communication these days.Lot of media's have emerged in this present world.Few which i would like to list below are Internet,Radio,Television,Movies etc.

I would like to compare the advantages and disadvantages of 3 media's namely Books,Radio& Television.Foremost, regarding books, they are our ever green companions. They play an inevitable role in our life.Each person have their own taste in selecting books , some prefer novels while others comics and so on.books gives us a lot of information,they giide us.books gives us a collection of information of past mostly. i think this as an disadvantage while takin books into account.

Regarding RAdio's ,they keep us updated about the present news. they not only provide us valuable information, they also entertain us.The one point which one could consider its draw back is absence of visual aid.

Television is become an integral part in our life today. They really entertain us besides giving us the news thats happenin all around the world. thanks to this invention, we are able to watch worlds most beautiful places by just sitting in our drawing room.Some times it may hack our time.Therfore proper usage is absolutely essential.

though each have their own advantages and disadvantages i really consider each one as a boon to the modern society.

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