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Writing Ielts task 2: advantages and disadvantages of nuclear technology

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Quest: Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear technology

Nuclear technology has been developed significantly in recent years and it changes the way of human live. The negative effects of nuclear technology are it can produces a dangerous radiation as a waste and it needs more cost to invent in these resources than other energy resources. While that ideas are utterly true, i would argue that these technology is the alternative solution of the energy resources and can produces less pollution than other energy resources.

Apparently, nuclear technology can be dangerous to human. As such one of the waste product of nuclear is radiation, which is deadly for both human and environment. The example of the case was in 1945 when Japan has been Invaded by USA using 2 nuclear bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two city in Japan were bombed at that time and as a result, million of people died because of the radiation from the nuclear. The radiation effect is affected the environment too, since the radiation makes the land in both of the cities become fertile. Moreover, the other demerit is to do a research or to apply this such technology, researcher should spent more budget than other resources as nuclear technology is a high-risk technology.

Apart from this, nuclear technology play a main role in the supply of energy resources. Japan, known as the country that have most nuclear energy resources than any other country, followed by Germany. Japan shows that their 85% of energy supply can be produced by their's nuclear reactor. Japan's research reveals that using nuclear as their main energy resources is almost half percent more efficient than using coal. In addition, Nuclear reactor produce less pollution than coal or oil as the energy resources. From this, it can be seen nuclear is the best alternative energy resources as long as it developed in the right way with a right guidance.

In conclusion, nuclear technology has changed the world. It is believed that these technology is the best solution for the world's alternative energy resources, although it brings merits and demerits. In Addition, it is agreed that the radiation waste must be considered about. Where possible, scientists should take this into consideration before advancing in nuclear sector.

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