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IELTS: Advantages and disadvantages of staying away from families.

alirulez 3 / 21  
Apr 16, 2012   #1
"Many university students live with their families while others need to live away from home because their universities are in different cities. What are the advantages and disadvantages in both situations? Give your opinion"

Recent statistics shows that there has been a swift ramp-up in the total number of students opting for travelling to foreign universities for pursuing higher education. Unveiling such statistics had raised a matter of concerns among people. Some people think that studying from foreign universities is indispensible for a perfect career. However, others may contend that adolescents staying away from their families during the immature age for a year or two could have detrimental effects on them.

It is no secret that that staying independently allows with an opportunity to experience the real world. In addition, it also imparts many imperative qualities. For instances, one can learn ways to overcome their problems independently or to tackle the complicated situations maturely. Furthermore, it also helps in boosting their confidence level to face the world full-of-challenges.

Moreover, residing in a different country could also provide with an opportunity to explore other's cultures, principles and dogma. Every culture holds its own unique morals and ethics. One can inherit such qualities to become a good human-being.

On the other hand, sending children to a different country can be costly to pocket, which only richer section of the society can afford. For instance, one needs to spend huge money on accommodation, food and travelling plus the costly universities fees. In addition, the fact that parent holds no control on their children due to their independent lifestyle, may provoke children to lose focus from their path and indulge in un-ethical activities or bad habits.

To sum up, I would conclude that benefits of staying in foreign countries to pursue higher education outweigh its disadvantages. Not to neglect that with proper guidance and practising constant touch with their children, parents can make sure that their children stay focus to their goals and mission.

OP alirulez 3 / 21  
Apr 16, 2012   #2
After writing this essay, it clicked to me that I had mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of children's staying away from their families.
But not the other way round i.e. advantages and disadvantages of children's staying along with their family are not mentioned.

Little confuse, would require advise if my content is relevant to the topic or if I missed the later part.
talwandi83 - / 1  
Apr 16, 2012   #3
"Many university students live with their families while others need to live away from home because their universities are in different cities. What are the advantages and disadvantages in both situations? Give your opinion"

Nowadays, mostly students are doing their study in other countires .they live alone or with other students and learn world level educations which will be better in future for better oppotunities jobs.they can learn esily other things like culture,language,custom and many more.on the other hand students and their parents have faced so many problems in other countires like wastage of money,bad habits and forget own cutures.

firstly, we observed that students have great opportunities to go other countires and complete their study as they need in this globe.now students want to explore their knowledge and complete their study with more technical way.we hope that parents will be more excited for their children because they will do better for study and we will see positive signs of this choice in the future.Moreover,we can adapt new culture of other countries easily and we have plenty of time to accept or apply in real life this new culture.we know that english is the internatonal language and everyone is intrested to learn this great language for their carrer .in addition ,we observe that students have completed their degrees froms international universities they have more opportnities to settle in this world .

on the other hand, when students go abroad for study ,they have need lot of money for their accomodation,tutition fee and many more.we know that internatioal study is more expensive as compared to local study.for example, mu niece is doing study in canada and her expense per month about 1500 dollers.although , she will complete her course in canada but she must to pay so much money for this course.some parents cannot afford as such expenses.however,students can adapt bad habits due to westren culture.they forget their culture own culture .we observed that many students ruined their life due to adiiciton of smoke and drunk in westren countries .if we think these disadvantage over positive results of international study then some parents do not allow their children for this step.we know that in asian coutries have diffrent culture as compared to westren countries like usa,north america and uk and other countries.

in my opinion,parents should their children for this international study becuase in mostly countires not right level education presently.if they want proper growth their children they should forget negative points of international studies.we know that countries like india they have own culture ,they want to keep that tradtion in future for their new generation.
sharadarige 15 / 25  
Apr 17, 2012   #4
Hi Ali
You wrote well and it's relevant to the topic.
the introductory part is well versed but , the same tempo is not maintained till the end with vocabulary.
i feel rather than writing too many paragraphs with 2 or 3 sentences , you could have written with an introduction , advanatages, disadvantages and conclusion in detail.
This is what i follow .
OP alirulez 3 / 21  
Apr 17, 2012   #5
thanks Sharad for your valuable advice. Yes, even I concur with you that 2nd and 3rd para can be combined together.
xyx0905 16 / 49  
Apr 19, 2012   #6
Hi Ali,

Probably you didn't pay attention to the question. It was asking you to discuss both adv and disadv for both situations. Therefore, in your answer, you are not only give the advs of each situations but also give at least 1 disadv to both situations, otherwise your answer will be determined over-developed one side of question but underdeveloped the other side.

OP alirulez 3 / 21  
Apr 20, 2012   #7
Thanks X. Wang,

I concur with you. So the correct structure in that case would be:

1. Intro
2. 2 points of Advantages and 1 point of disadvantages for children staying away from family.
3. 2 points of Advantages and 1 point of disadvantages for children staying with from family.
4. Conclusion

Does this makes sense ?
jaijagadeesh 7 / 13  
Apr 20, 2012   #8
[b]Hey, i have written same topic and i guess it is relevant to topic,
Increased demand in the university education forcing students to flay away from home.Pursuing education from native place and abroad have advantages and disadvantages.Living in home provides safe and controlled environment,and it can deter unnecessary expenditure.However student may not live free life and miss group studies.In this essay both sides are discussed with substantiation.

Staying with parents would be advantageous,it provides a safe environment and spending on food and accommodation will be less.Living in hostel or other places would not be safe.Alcohol and drug culture in students are at peak,consequently staying away from home would provide more chances to fall in bad company.Furthermore,due to increase cost of living studying in the universities is expensive.Pursuing higher education from house will help to limit expenditures,and this help minimize financial burden on parents shoulder.Hence it is certainly beneficial to commence study from home,it will be economical and youngsters will have less chance of trapping in bad company.

Nevertheless ,there are cons of continuing study from home.Due to controlled environment students will not enjoy their freedom of university life.In home parents are always supervising their children,their academic and personal activities are under control of parents.Constant supervision may restrict their individual decision,and apparently they become depended on home.Further more group studying and learning other culture and language will be deterred.Learning new tradition and language will only possible if one leaves home and dwell in different environment.Lastly home atmosphere will not yield proper study environment,and more chances of distraction from daily routines of house.Therefore,living and studying away from home would provides advantages in learning new things.

To conclude,living and educating from home has pros and cons.Staying with family will help in saving money and controls children from falling from bad company.On the other hand,due to over supervision and lack of exposure to different language and culture will limits the knowledge of children
xyx0905 16 / 49  
Apr 20, 2012   #9
Hi ali,

Yes, this structure looks much better than your original version. By the way, I sent a reading practice to your mail box (10 tests), but I receive a mail said your email box is only capable of receiving an email with 10MB attachment. That reading practice was 35.6MB, I am trying to cut it in to half and send to you. But it may take few days. Cheers
OP alirulez 3 / 21  
Apr 21, 2012   #10
Hi Wang,

I thought so that your mail bounced back. But sorry for not coming back to you. Just finished with my IELTS exam today, so wont require the materials now. Anyway thanks for all your help, I would ask you back for the materials in case I need it again :-)

Ali Sayed
xyx0905 16 / 49  
Apr 21, 2012   #11
Hi Ali,

Cool, all the best. Just give a biz if you need some reading material. Cheers. By the way, are you doing GT or AC?
OP alirulez 3 / 21  
Apr 22, 2012   #12
Hi Wang,

I appeared for GT, so the reading test for bit easy.
My essay topic was:

People nowadays has forgotten the real meaning and importance of national celebration and festivals.
What are the reasons for it ?
How this situation can be overcome ?

I think I did bit ok, but time was really a big constraint.

I guess u are preparing for academic ?
xyx0905 16 / 49  
Apr 22, 2012   #13
Hi Ali,

Yes, GT's reading is easy to handle, but those questions can be very tricky.

GT's writing task is easy to understand, but sometimes too open to write.

My strategy to control the time is 5-7mins outline 25-18mins writing (less than 300 words), plus a review (only after I done the Task1). I always doing T2 first, then T1, the time left for my review normally about 2-4mins. If I do my practice writing at home, I don't write too much words, but control the time. If you cannot finish your writing within 40mins, even though you have perfect ideas and languages, that won't make you to reach a decent score.

Yes, AC, I passed all of those, except Reading in my last attempt. Bit sad about it.

aidossodia 2 / 4  
May 7, 2012   #14
You need to read more..For example some magazines,books so that you will not hasistate during exam and will have many idea coming into your head
trang 4 / 5  
May 7, 2012   #15
Your task is to discuss both adv and disadv for both situations. Your passage seems to be focus mostly on advantage.
aAd more examples to make your passage pesuasive!

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