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Advantages and disadvantages of using personal electronic devices in learning

dejoyce89 1 / -  
Apr 17, 2020   #1

electronic devices in classroom

In recent years, individual electronic gadgets such as tablets, smartphones or laptops have gained enormous popularity. The use of these devices involves a set of drawbacks that need improving, but their benefits are much more noticeable.

On the one hand, exerting digital devices in learning may have some major disadvantages. The greatest downside of these gadgets is the distraction happening to students. Many students feel so bored in lessons as games, music and Facebook seem to be more intriguing to them. In fact, a study found that on average students check their phones more than 11 times a day in class. Obviously, it leads to a decline in their test results. Another negative aspect I want to mention is the prevalence of improper information. Since these devices are connected to the Internet, users are easily absorbed in negative and unofficial sources of information. For instance, false knowledge from an inappropriate book online may mislead students who read it.

On the other hand, although utilizing electronic devices in the domain of studying has several drawbacks, they offer users a variety of benefits. Initially, compared to traditional learning methods, these implements supply students with a more diverse source of information, pictures and videos, which assist in illustration while studying. By means of tablets, phones and laptops, students are more likely to have a better grasp of lessons. Furthermore, there are numerous applications utilized in studying. Rather than spending time on textbooks, teachers can allow students to listen to podcasts or improve pronunciation through voice recognition apps. Another point in favour of advantages is that electronic gadgets prompt students' self- reliance. Though there are questions whether numerous online sources of information are reliable or not, they are still served as helpful materials for students to learn on their own. For example, they are able to find the meaning of a word by looking up in a dictionary on their phone instead of asking teachers.

In short, exerting individual electronic devices in classroom has been a successful step in the revolution of learning methods. Despite the disadvantages these gadgets may bring, they still do more good than harm.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,249 4652  
Apr 17, 2020   #2
This is supposed to be a discursive essay based on the A/D discussion. So why is your essay focused solely on the disadvantages of personal electronic devices in relation to learning? In paragraph 2, you said : exerting digital devices in learning may have some major disadvantages. Then in paragraph 3: although utilizing electronic devices in the domain of studying has several drawback. Both paragraphs open with a disadvantage topic. The correct presentation for paragraph 3 should have been:

On the other hand, they offer users a variety of benefits

There needs to be a clear representation of the 2 discussion methods. One topic sentence opens on a negative note, the next one, on a positive note. That way you deliver exactly what the prompt provides in a manner that is clear to the examiner. That means, the topic sentence should align with the discussion requirements of the original prompt instructions.

Never refer to research information in the essay. Bear in mind, you will not be able to do research at the testing center. If you read the information somewhere before, then frame it to sound like you knew of this information as a matter of public fact. As in : It is no secret that people check their gadgets up to 11 times in one day. Refrain from using any personal pronouns, but make it clear that the information is based on public knowledge, rather than researched information.

The essay is over discussed. You did not use an outline before you started writing. An outline, done usually within 5 minutes, helps you to keep the essay focused, gives you an easier time writing, and helps you to not over discuss the information to the point where the paragraph loses its topic connectivity and clarity. An outline should look like this:

- Topic sentence 1: The disadvantage of gadgets is fake news
- How easily is it accessed? Via search engines
- Why can't students tell the difference? All news sources look legitimate
- How can that be prevented? Learning to tell the difference

- Topic Sentence 2: Advantage is diverse source of information
- Why: More focused researched materials available
- How: Easily searched via search engines
- Why is this better? The information can be verified for accuracy

The conclusion should then:
- Repeat the topic
- Repeat a disadvantage
- Repeat an advantage
- Repeat why gadgets help with learning in closing

Your essay was almost on track. Try to review the other A/D essay samples at this forum. It should help you become familiar with how to properly write these types of essays by allowing you to learn from the past mistakes of other exam takers.

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