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Advantages and Disadvantages Essay about the value of Advertisements

danielsmith 2 / 4  
Jun 20, 2022   #1

Advertisements are becoming more and more common in everyday life

People think that advertisements are more likely to increase dramatically nowadays and become ubiquitous. Despite their advantages, they can have numerous disadvantages.
It is undeniable that there is a considerable value in advertising. It is beneficial for companies to gain a large amount of money by dint of the large-scale expansion of advertising. People are more likely to be interested in noticeable billboards and commercials which raise their awareness about the products. For instance, after making a decorative poster, McDonald gained about 100,000,000 customers in 2006. Moreover, making a charismatic advertisement is a labour-intensive task and generates a diversity of employment opportunities. It demands the labour of artists, designers, painters and copywriters to create logos, content and ideas. Therefore, advertising helps government reduce the unemployment rate.

Even though advertising can bring several benefits, its drawbacks should be carefully considered. Nowadays, governments are struggling to solve visual pollution due to the giant billboards and posters. Because of this, visitors can not contemplate the panoramic view. This problem can impact tourism negatively. Vinh Ha Long in Vietnam decreased by approximately 100,000 tourists each year is an obvious example. Advertising not only demolishes the beauty of natural scenery but also makes companies and organizations spend a considerable amount of money on it. Due to this, more products and services tend to have a higher cost, so we have to pay more money for them, especially for the poor in developing countries. This trend can lead to inflation.

In conclusion, although advertisements have some pros, their cons are serious problems. All we have to do is minimize their difficulties and carry out the benefits.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,839 4175  
Jun 20, 2022   #2
The essay that has been written does not meet the discussion requirement. The current presentation uses an advantage V. disadvantage discussion when the requirement was to discuss (one of the 2) whether it is a positive or negative development. There is a clear lack of instruction comprehension/ understanding of how the essay was to be discussed. This led to the writer being unable to deliver a personal opinion based on the writing requirement.

The response format does not answer the question properly. It was not understood by the exam taker. Therefore the task response is inaccurate. The original question required a comparative discussion of 2 reasons in the body paragraphs to be outlined as a debate. After opting for either a positive or negative opinion (choose 1), the paragraph format should have been:

Sentence 1: Subject topic
Sentence 2: Reason it is believed to be a positive/ negative result
Sentence 3: Writer's opinion should be in support or not in support of the public opinion
Sentence 4: Writer's reason for his opinion
Sentence 5: Example or transition sentence

The writers opinion must be cohesive across both paragraph presentations in support of his single opinion. He must not use an A V. D discussion format.

That said, the failing score will have points credited for lexical resource and grammar range as there are not related to the topic for discussion directly. These points cannot lead to a passing score since the TA and C + C marks, which relate directly to the question are failing. These 2 sections cannot merit a passing score because the discussion provided is unrelated to the question being asked in the original prompt.

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