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The advantages of living in a large city - a lot of opportunities and potential to develop

ngocloan 1 / -  
May 31, 2016   #1
A large city contains a lot of opportunities and potential to develop not only technology but also communication. It helps almost people feel comfortable and be experienced many things with modern world in which has caught the development of people in all respects, so living in a large city will have certain advantages over living a small town.

First of all, there is adequate and various public transportations which you need. You can catch a bus at bus station to anywhere in city, or call a taxi if you do not want to wait. It is very easily and fee is not expensive as you think that it spends much than a small town.

Another advantage is in a big city that you can see variety of entertaining actions and good services. Shopping will attract your attention certainly because there are a lot of markets, supermarkets with fashionable, beautiful, and satisfactory goods. The model modern clothings is there. Besides, there are many shops which sell junk food for young people and well-known restaurants for family, a meeting's friends or business eating. You may join clubs like gyms, swimming, dancing,...which you want. Also, when you has a disease or feel unhealthy, usually having the best hopital and best dotors as long as you have a lot of money.

In addition to public transportation, entertainment, and services, living in a big city you will get a good educational quality that you can not has in a small town. A lot of Universities and Colleges which you may choose to study; however, tuition is not cheap but teachers are trained well. As a result, after you graduate, it create many oppurtunities of work for you in the future if you really hard studying and try to have a good degree.

In conclusion, living in a small town is more quiet and peaceful than in a large city; nonetheless, you may not to experience a life with full conditions for transportation, entertainment, education,.....In the end, and above all, it is really wonderful and happy when you live in a huge city

Wolf Larsen - / 127 47  
May 31, 2016   #2
Hello ngocloan

Your text is easy to understand, but you could use improving some of the sentences stylistically:

A large [...] The rapid pace of the ongoing progress in the field of communication technologies is especially notable in large cities.
It helps [...] One of the reasons for it is that just about every large city can be thought of in terms of a network of people who need to stay in close touch with each other, as the mean of attaining social prominence.

First [...] Large cities feature the advanced system of public transportation, which provide residents with yet another incentive to lead a socially integrated lifestyle.
fee is not [...] high...
Another advantage [...] Is that in big cities people are provided with a number of different entertainment opportunities, unavailable in rural areas.
which [...] whichever...
has [...] have...
unhealthy [...], there is usually a well-equipped hospital nearby.
you will get [...] a chance to obtain a high-quality education.
A lot of [...] Although studying at the affiliated universities and colleges is not cheap, it is nevertheless well worth it, because of the provided tuition's high quality.

As a result [...] university graduates have a much higher chance of securing a well-paid job than the rest.
nonetheless [...] Nevertheless, there are still many people who find the idea of leading an urban lifestyle utterly unappealing.

I hope it came of help. Regards.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
May 31, 2016   #3
Hi Huynh, first of all, WELCOME to the Essay Forum Family.
I hope you find this website valuable as well as useful to your writing projects. We aim to provide you with the most accurate and objective criticism.

Now, as I read through your essay, I must say, the introduction as well as the succeeding paragraphs are fairly written, however, towards the end, you somehow lost your grip on the topic at hand.I understand that you would like to give a broader view of the topic but it somehow went off and focused on the transportation modes and the accessibility of modern convenience, well, in fact this is true and is considered an advantage to city living, however, I believe this part of the essay should be minimized.

Overall, the essay written well, aside from the insights I mentioned, I believe you were able to come up with an essay that showcase a good writing skill and the language rules are also observed.

I hope to review more of your work and keep writing.

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