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Advantages outweigh the disadvantages to starting foreign language early

crystal941 6 / 10 2  
Apr 1, 2014   #1
Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

People have different views about the beginning time of foreign language courses for children. While there are some disadvantages of starting to learn a new language at elementary school, I personally believe that it is a better choice for children to learn new languages as early as possible.

Admittedly, the most noticeable disadvantage is that students at primary school lack self-motivation when they are studying foreign languages. This is because children have less self-consciousness than adolescents, and so they are not able to study in a planned way like students at secondary school do. However, to my point of view, starting to learn foreign languages at primary school have more benefits than drawbacks.

Firstly, children are more likely to learn a new language than teenagers. It is undoubted that the younger the students are, the fresher brains they have. That is to say, students at primary school can acquire new knowledge faster than those at secondary school. As a consequence, children can more easily learn other languages except their mother tongues.

In addition, primary school students have more time to study foreign languages. Students who are at secondary school need to learn various types of subjects, included compulsory and optional ones such as Arts, Literature, and Social Science. By contrast, elementary school students only have to learn some basic subjects like Maths and their native languages. As a result, they have more time for other languages.

In conclusion, I concede that there are disadvantages to starting foreign language study at primary school. However, in my opinion, the advantages of this far outweigh the disadvantages.


I feel my conclusion not good. :( Could you plz help me?
duo008 6 / 39 5  
Apr 1, 2014   #2
Hi crystal,
I think your essay let me get a bit confusion.
you'd better get a particular example to support your thesis.

for example in your first Paragraph, why do you think children are less self-consciousness than adolescents ?

in addition to this,
primary school= elementary school
secondary school = middle school
duo008 6 / 39 5  
Apr 1, 2014   #3
and, my conclusion style will be like:

In conclusion, despite that fact ... may be beneficial for...., ...are important as well/ ...should not be ignored.
therefore, ...

In conclusion, despite that fact learning a foreign language at primary school may be beneficial for children , there are some disadvantages should not be ignored such as (your examples conclusion or thesis).

So learning a new language at middle school, it seems, is still a good choose. + 1 sentence(I prefer you support both sides, because you can have more ideas to say)...

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