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IELTS TASK 1(GENERAL) an advertisement for a community college that needs teachers for night classes

KAURNAVI 4 / 5 1  
Aug 14, 2019   #1
You have seen an advertisement for a community college that needs teachers for night classes.

Write a letter to the community college.

In your letter:

say which advertisement you are answering
describe which course(s) you want to teach, and what it/they would be about
explain why you would be a suitable teacher

Dear Sir,

With due respect, I am writing this letter to reveal my interest in your advertisement for the post of teacher in the Dome Community College.

At the onset, I saw the vacancy in The Washington Newspaper under the classified section which published on Saturday, 10th August 2019. As per your requirements, I have done Bachelor of Science with eight years of experience from Xavier College, Fremont, California. Since you need a candidate who can join the graveyard sessions along with immediate joining after 18th August 2017, meanwhile I am under notice period which is going to complete on 14th August 2019. Thus, I can join for the vacant position in your prescribed period.

However, you have mentioned vacancy for two posts, one for Bio-Medical course last for two years and another for Botanic Specialist duration for just six months. Furthermore, though I am a veteran in the science field, I would like to apply for Botanic specialist teacher as part of my experience is in research and methodology of plants and seeds. I have seen the prospectus of your college to clarify my doubts before applying for this job, and I am glad to see the assessment bifurcation, which includes 70% practical and 30% theory. I felt excited about the division of syllabus as this subject demands more practical study.

Lastly, I assert that I am entirely appropriate for this work as I am not only fulfilling all the essential traits but also being specialised in a particular practical aspect of this subject. Apart from this, I had achieved the rank in the city's top ten Botanic teachers in 2018 from Edward Award Committee. Moreover, your college is nearby my home, which means night classes would not be a constraint for you to pick and drop facility. In addition to this, I have already submitted all documents online along with appreciation certificates as an additional one. I hope you find my resume interested.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully, 12.08.2019
Jennie Freud

Maria [Contributor] - / 1,046 373  
Aug 15, 2019   #2
Hi. Thanks for returning here! I hope to provide you with writing feedback for your essay.

The introductory paragraph of your essay is sufficient, I would say. You were able to elaborate with confidence and distinctiveness all of the necessary lines. Because of this, transitioning to the major bulk of your essay became easier in the long-run.

There were a few technical issues in the second paragraph still. You were unable to articulate with ease due to the delivery and construction of your sentences. I would heavily recommend trying to curate your details in a more sophisticated and put-together manner in order to assist you in the long-run.

Moreover, I also recommend taking your words step by step to make the process smoother. This means curating simpler sentences to assist you in writing with more clarity.

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