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'advertisement is very important for cosmetic company' - essay to modify

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development that has led to the most terrible influence. UK is in a period of development prosperity. In order to reconstruct company, many foreign enterprises are all transfer their sight to this developing country. By the speed of economic increasing, consumer goods industry must be activity development and will keep great increasing rate every year in the future.Compare with Europe market and America market, cosmetic products has been daily necessities goods for people for many years. In UK, over this 10 years reform and opening up, people's ideal are more trend to internationalization than before. Under the black ground of economic recovered, people's daily good requirement is rising, cosmetic has become a toll to symbolize people's status in this fashion times. As UK cosmetic industry profit is more and more higher, and the development range. This is why Dior would like to make such a big investment in UK market. It also means that, UK has a big attract of foreign enterprise to development in this country.Feedback of the situation of development of Dior company in UK. Will find out successful performance is always can not separate of its good operating strategiesFirst of all, a general view of Dior history in UK. Dior UK businesses were beginning from 1966, when the sales agent was set up in Hong Kong. In the same year, Dior company haspportunity entry into UK market. After selling Maybelline products, Dior quickly penetrate in UK's cosmetic market. Depend on UK advantage operation style and accurately grasp of Chinese consumer and market vision. The businesses in UK have a increase of development, and the numbers of staffs have already rise to 1 million. Recently, Dior has been one of the most famous foreign enterprises in UK.All of the situation indicated that, UK market has a overall development chance for Dior comition. Generally speaking, when undertaking merger and acquisition, there are several things to be considered. Before merger and acquisition, it is necessary to make a detailed research of the acquired company, abou ok, further action is to be taken. In the next step, make a long-term plan for new brand to improve brand recognition and increase market capacity. To remember that, employee suggestion is important effect. After merger and acquisition, no matter how the final decision is, it is signification to let the public know the merger or acquisition, and assure consumers that their purchase raten this paper, there has a general view of situation of foreign direct investment in Chian. Foreign enterprises entry inpan not means also can apply in foreign market. The failure of this company has an evident speak that, before merger and acquisition, company lack of enough research and consideration of whether this plan is suitable for oversea market is important. There are some risk will be appeared when merger and acquisition. First one is. Operation risk, It is said that after merger is completed, it may to contradiction. The two parties have difficult in achieve sharing resources. Successful acquisition is very depended on interaction with each other. Before choosing coorperation partner, acquisition should make careful consideration. Second one is, Financial risk. Acquisition need a lot of financial resources. If company have no sufficient financial resources, it will emerge adverse effect on corporation structure and out of financial balance. Finally that result in company financial risk. Last one is, arranger for taken over employee risk. When taking merger and acquisition action, acquirer are required to pay for employee dismissal compensation or replace them. Be attention for, if they doesn't handel in appropriate way, they will result to taken heavy burden , even increase of management costs and operatisition also caught up the topic of monopoly. Most of list companies in UK are in the forefront, some of them even in the leading position. Facing with the entry of foreign enterprises, if they success to merger middle level company, these companies quickly dominate domestic market by their control. Half of these foreign enterprises are play an important role in market, especially the west's enterprise. In some siturket ou of balance. More and more, unsuitable acquisition will also destroy nationality industry system and domestic company marginalization. Before making a decision, it is necessary for acquisition party be careful of object selection. To investigating whether there is potential development to avoid unnecessary loss. Other wise, internal communication and adjustment task should be sufficient of acquired party. At last, acquisition should make an ample funds,it is a long-term invbrands contain Maybelline and Dior, but also medical cosmetic such as Vichy and La Roche. Although Dior company has successful experiences in merger and acquisition, there are still some problems. Brand expansion will lead to brand dilution and conflict with each other, and as a result, for the whole cosmetics market, brand merger and acquisition would create a market unharmonious situation. In this aspect, Dior should attach balance and pay close attey, which reflected in investmnd for Dior company is how to expand battle line of brand, and whetherthe brand is suitable for whole dase domestic brand can both strength Dior original single sale way and help to entry into people's marIn the aspect of operation. When Dior company gave played to competitive advantage, it is very important to independence to each relative brand to form different brands. In UK, Dior according to different types of products to regulate different departmentas its own advertising, channels, promotion method and pricing strategy. That is an evident to show that, after merged in UK, Dior how better to manage different level product by Multi sales way is a long-term strategy for Dior's company. Companies's products are divided into medical cosmetic and life category. Base on different type of products to sale at diff change skin care products are relative with medical while cosmetic products are no longer external skincare product. In this unique ideal, that hasa bring a new concept on companny oCEO Jean paul Agon has sadi that, Dior always using merger and acquisition method to activate new brand, but this way also apply in another country. Since 1996 merger and acquisition Maybelline brand, company has carry on brand's transformation, to establish new bran meaning in it. Besides, before "Shu ent, manufacture, organization, sales group training and in every other aspects. Following will have some explanation by international investment view to introduce some successful strategy on Dior development in UK.The manufacture areas of Dior UK were set up in SHANGHAI, SUZHOU and HUBEI. The Sales areas are total for 20 thousand which are distributed in all around in UKconsideration elements for enterprises to set up a factory in UK. To keep a balance of investment, Dior has set up a factory in HuBei province. In this way, it can saves investment cost and relieve employment problem. A suggestion that, when foreign enterprises decided to develop in Chn UK has achieve double increase that reinforce UK's as the three biggest marketi trend, it is believed that Dior will take better performance in the future and push UK revenue to further level. But there still one thing should be attention. Even though Dior is keeping increasing rate of profit, the big competition of competitors is still a problem.In 2001, Chis. The main competitors of international bran in UK including AVON, Este'e Lnader, Clinique, Olay, Cover girl SkII, RevLon, YSL, Ponds, Nivea, Shiaeibo and son on. All of these famous brands have high reputation and excellent performance in UK market. For example, Shiaeibo has 127 years history. This brands contains of Chinese people custom and traditional cultural, that has attracted numbers of faith consumers. Even though Maybelline is the leader of make up product in the world, the brand of Revlon in American is one of the severe competitors who also obtain the same position with Maybelline. Revlon brand owes of 157 kinds color of lipstick, while pink color have reach 41 types. In aspect of skin care, Dior claimed that, they hasported form oversea. However, domestic brand take of little profit but quickly turnover, this is a behavior to again middle lower level market, and will lead to unbalance situation. Even though Dior products almost cover a big range of part of the competition in the industry. Innovation is based on the original with advance technology makes product more desirable while it can win the maximum benefit. Dior always concentrate in, what are people require for. To gather different ideals as a reference, it is in order to meet different need for different groups. Executive president who is responsible for search and innovation has pointed out that make a new development direction of research work. "Under the trend of customer and technology investment, will lead to greater innovation" said Laurent Attal.(international financial,2010). It is understood that, commitment to innovation by Dior is introduced new formulate production and enhance the consumer experience of the product frequently. Human skin will be changed with the climate changed, oil and sweat problem became an important part of skin care needs. Dior seems very interested in new emerging market product strategy. "Dior's strategy to target new markets is a marked turn around from its traditional strategy to increase penetration in existing leading markets". (Simon Pitman, 2010 ).To attract consumer in new market, as well as to hold on to consumer in established market, new ideal is a way of transformation. Company would continued to develop the most comprehensive product profit, one strategy is to aimed at eve has been forgotten by people in that year. In other words, advertisement is very important for cosmetic companyUsing powerful marketing weapon to promote company recognition i

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May 14, 2012   #2
OH My ! You have so many wording in one paragraph?
I think you better get it organized otherwise nobody going to read it.
The first impression count !!!
My 2 cents advice.

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