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Advertisements are misleading for children or they provide knowledge?

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Apr 12, 2019   #1

adverts impact on children

Some people think that advertisements are misleading for children while others claim that they provide knowledge. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

The impact of advertisements on children is an often debated topic. Some believe that the adverts are deceptive for the young ones. Others, however, feel that they are incredibly educative for them. Both the views will be analyzed before a reasoned conclusion is decided upon.

As many argue, juveniles' exposure to the advertisements is disadvantageous for them for many reasons. For one, these advertisements s are broadcasted with the intention of enticing the young ones into buying a certain product which is not beneficial for them. McDonald's, for example, telecasts its adverts involving colorful images of its meals encouraging the children to enjoy the junk food. Another demerit is that these ads spark rebellious behavior among the children. A typical example is when youngsters watch the ads of expensive toys, video games or any other gadget, they continuously nag their parents to buy such things them. If they do not get the desired product then they resort to some other means such as thefts. Thus, the negatives of these adverts are very clear.

Other people, however, assert that advertisements are beneficial for the young ones in terms of the knowledge they provide to them. Firstly, many advertisements encourage children to form good habits. For instances, the Dettol hand wash advert encourages the young ones to wash their hands before having meals. Secondly, the children, sometimes, are motivated to perform well and excel in their studies when they see ads of some learning toys or learning applications like Meritnation. It is therefore understandable why many are supporters of this position.

To conclude, after looking at these two opposing sides, it is felt that although advertisements engender bewilderment and delinquent's tendency among the children yet they are greatly beneficial in assisting them in forming good habits and getting information. And, the negatives associated with these adverts can be easily addressed by the continuous attention of the parents towards the children exposure to them. Hence, it can be said that the merits of adverts eclipse their demerits.

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