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Oct 18, 2022   #1
These days consumers are faced with an increasing amount of advertising from various companies.
To what extent do you think consumers are influenced by advertising?
What measures should be taken to protect them?
Write at least 250 words.

In this day and age, most brands have numerous strategies to promote their products, especially through various forms of advertisements. This makes consumers face an increase in the amount of daily advertising. I personally believe that this propensity is both advantageous and disadvantageous to consumers. Therefore, solutions must be taken in time in order to protect customers from detrimental sides.

To commence with, advertisements from companies could have some positive impacts on the customers. Since advertising programs provide consumers with a variety of products and brands, these consumers could have a wide range of choices when purchasing their items. In other words, the increase in advertising nowadays has met many consumers' matters of taste. This development, however, can be a harmful influence on the customers. The more advertising is put out, the more customers would face false advertisements. These untrue advertisements would give consumers incorrect information about the items they purchase, which can make the consumers waste their money on products with unpleased qualities.

In order to protect consumers from unexpected consequences, governmental institutions had better implement more appropriate policies to stop the increase in untrue advertisements. One measure for this is that we would fine heavily companies or brands' untrue advertisements and even place a permanent sales ban on these items. Next, customers should be aware of the drawbacks of purchasing their products through advertising programs. They should make wise decisions when buying an item. Thus, taking the price and quality of the products into consideration is a must for everyone.

In conclusion, the increase in the amount of advertising has brought consumers both beneficial and harmful influences. Therefore, measures to prevent customers from negative sides should be taken and this responsibility belongs to the government and each individual.

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