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Advertising analysis essay "The cultural expansion of Vietnam Airlines"

my professor returned my essay because there is a lot of grammar mistake. Please help me correct it.

The cultural expansion of Vietnam Airlines

There are many different types of advertisements existing everywhere we go, which deliver differently picture, color, context, and meaning. However, they all have the same purpose and share a common goal: send a message to their consumers. A successful advertisement must have an impressive image and an unforgotten attractive words to lure attention of theirs consumer. Furthermore, Vietnam Airlines advertisement demonstrates pathos, ethos, and logos by giving the meaning of this advertise a new way of introduce a new global campaign that takes travel destination to a new level. It uses the glamorous representative images of Asian cultures and a powerful message that invite their consumers together with Vietnam Airline to explore a new opening destination.

Vietnam airlines is one of the largest full-service carriers in Southeast Asia and is the pride of the Vietnamese people who live and work in other foreign countries. It is under management of the government and established to serve for transportation of Vietnamese people and those coming from other countries.

First of all, lotus is a well known representative Asian culture that is why we can figure out where this advertisement comes from. The sharply beautiful pink lotus with a faded light bluish color on the background of this advertisement captures our attention. This lotus is a famous flower symbol of Asian culture, which appears in Buddha pagoda and art literature, since the sign of lotus blossoms are often depicted as a throne for the Buddha. Futher, the lotus is one of the high auspicious symbols in Buddhism, which that is known as beautiful and full of hiding meaning. At the bottom of these advertisement, ethos also replies on mentioning their company name "Vietnam Airlines' as a demonstrate with a golden lotus. This emphasizes other companies as themselves to travel together and represent other airlines as alike. For example, the China airline is statement with "plum blossom" and Hawaiian airline have a tropical flower. Japanese artist, Victor Kubo, designed the golden lotus image with six petals representing their six-specialist field. The six-pointed golden lotus flower corresponds to six areas of the company's operations: aircraft fleet, flight network, maintenance, flight safety, ground service and aerial services. The logo of Vietnam Airline demonstrates that this company is not small and under the management of Vietnam's government. It makes customers trust in choosing this airline to travel.

The lotus conjures up this image of enlightenment and flawlessness by demonstrating a lotus flowing out of these girl hand, who wearing this lovely Vietnamese traditional costume called Ao Dai. Ao Dai is flowing in the middle of the blue sky with her long hair splashing in the winds. This image not only represents the beautiful Vietnamese culture, especially Vietnamese women but also makes people missing their home country. Vietnamese Airline uses the blue Ao dai for its female employees; that brings the feeling of elegant and professional. Not a lot of lady can ear this dress because of the tighten of the dress and require to have an average height and weight to stand out the beauty of the dress. This tradition dress design fabric design to reached to the floor and it fit the curves of the body by using darts and nipped in waist, to in tight the fabric with the body. This define that pretty can only be given to a women with fitting statue. When looking at the image of a girl wearing Ao dai, I remember my high school period because I used to wear it as high school's uniform. It makes me missing my family in Vietnam. A person, who uses to live in or visit Vietnam, will think like me. We can see the elegant image of Vietnamese high school girl in white Ao dai everyday.

Both of these two symbols Lotus and Ao Dai show a message of the service criteria of Vietnam Airlines; that is not only uses for caring and sincere spirit of the Vietnamese people to server their consumer, but also expresses their need.

Logos of this advertise is shown in its message "The Symbol of exotic traditions... The Lotus.. now invites you to discover the aura of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, Fly with the lotus, experience more," and company's slogan.The message uses metaphor by using the word "lotus" to refer to the company as a way of invite passengers to explore four countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. However, the company never forget to reminds their travelers that Vietnam airlines is the main company on this expansion program by emphasizing at the end of the phrase "fly with lotus, experience more". Therefore, the graphic below the message is designed to shape in a form of a lotus, which are the center of Vietnam. Their routes to Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos are part of the petals as the lotus.

In addition, the phase "reach further" slogan, appears in the head and bottom of advertise, has only been used after Vietnam Airlines received a four-star certification, means to breaking and aspiring to the success of passengers and Vietnam airlines on each flight. Every flight is an adventure, the passenger is exploring a new thing during the flight. Vietnam Airlines serves special traditional dishes that other countries can not.

End of this conclusion, every advertisement have a disadvantage and advantages. However, the Vietnam airline advertise have many advantages than other airlines advertise. Due to the successful thesis this airline demonstrates the advertisement to their consumer. The glamorous representative of the lotus symbol that explain the Asian culture, and these powerful message invite consumer together with their Vietnam airlines, Basic on these strong thesis I stronger believe this ad will perform a successful business that will delver a message to million of people and be a representative for the Asian culture, especially Vietnamese.

Hi sarah2015!
Fist of all, I want to say that I'm not an expert but just a student that is trying to improve her English. Looking your essay, I would make this corrections.I hope this will help you.

First paragraph:
- I'm not sure about "send a message", maybe is "sending"
-I'd replace "must have an impressive image" with "should"
-"an unforgotten attractive words" is wrong the article because words is plural
-"to lure attention of theirs consumer" maybe "to catch consumer's attention" or "to attract customers attention"
-"a new way to introduce"
-"It uses the glamorous representative images"
-"Asian cultures" in this case I think culture is uncountable

Second paragraph:
-"in other foreign countries" I'd take off "other"

Third paragraph:
-I'm not convinced about "since the sign of lotus blossoms are often depicted as a throne for the Buddha" maybe "since the ... was depicted".

-"replies by mentioning"
-"as a demonstration with a golden lotus. "
-"six-specialist fields"
-"It makes customers trust this airline when choosing a company to fly with" or "when choosing a flight"

Fifth paragraph:
-"that is not only use for caring"

Sixth paragraph:
-"never forget to remind"
-Vietnam Airlines or Vietnam airline
- the passenger explores a new thing (maybe experience) during the flight.

Last paragraph:
-"In conclusion,"
-"every advertisement have a disadvantages and advantages."
-"the Vietnam airline advertising"
-"I strongly believe that this"
-"that will delver a message" maybe you wanted to write "deliver"?
-" and that will be a representative for the"

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